ZTE nubia Red Magic 3 in for review - ask us anything about it

21 July 2019
The phone is here and we are open to your questions.

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  • Aegis100w
  • fFA
  • 27 Jan 2021

My red magic time is not working..even after i do factory reset my decice..anyone know how to fix this?

    • R
    • Rap
    • vaS
    • 01 Oct 2020

    Up to what watts does red magic 3 support?

      • N
      • Nithya
      • IVL
      • 28 May 2020

      I'm using red magic 3, before this my phone is so fast charge...but now about two three days it's very late to charge until full....may I know why?

        • A
        • Ahmed
        • U{V
        • 23 Jan 2020

        YenWC, 28 Oct 2019Shoulder button loses vibration after system update, Please... moreBro same problem bro after updating phone is not vibrating

          • R
          • RAGHAV SOHAL
          • nNG
          • 03 Nov 2019

          why you off vibrate in trigers button

            • Y
            • YenWC
            • tV0
            • 28 Oct 2019

            Shoulder button loses vibration after system update, Please help.

              • R
              • Rishad
              • apM
              • 23 Oct 2019

              My Nubia redmagic 3 right shoulder button not working properly and shoulder button vibration not working permanently
              Pubg game very lag issue and phone heat
              I'm buying only 2months

                • K
                • Kobe
                • ib7
                • 20 Oct 2019

                Why touch button vibrate gone? Omg

                  • X
                  • Xander
                  • I@H
                  • 11 Oct 2019

                  Hi my red magic 3 global rom video recording when in game mode is not working..

                    • A
                    • Allies
                    • NvC
                    • 13 Sep 2019

                    Will the HDMI video out come in a future update? Is it confirmed?

                      • A
                      • Ak
                      • gW8
                      • 25 Aug 2019

                      How can I key map my ipega gamepad with The RM3's software?

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                        • bb
                        • kmS
                        • 24 Aug 2019

                        Have you guys been able to get carrier aggregation working on it? I cannot on my unit. I wonder if Nubia has disabled the feature.

                          • P
                          • Phillip
                          • rRU
                          • 26 Jul 2019

                          Can i put a sim card with cricket?

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • 4QP
                            • 25 Jul 2019

                            Well it's almost Thursday. Where is the review.

                              • a
                              • aashish
                              • 7tU
                              • 24 Jul 2019

                              I recently purchased the RM3, but I found that the screen has problems like when watching a movie or video the black pixels are squared with dark green and it looks like fake colours is it the screen problem or is it my phone only have that issue. Please help

                                • D
                                • AnonD-731363
                                • SH3
                                • 23 Jul 2019

                                Well this is like best gaming flagship of the year right now with best bang for bucks.

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                                  • nickname9522
                                  • DkY
                                  • 23 Jul 2019

                                  I am using ZTE Nubia Red Magic 3.I have some queries about the device.Firstly, is there a option to turn off the trigger button vibration during gameplay,and are there sensitivity pressure touch adjustments to roll out soon in the future.
                                  Secondly,while streaming YouTube touch the triggers accidentally then YouTube responses to the touch and shows pause/play button,its kinda annoying and distracting.
                                  Thirdly,many options are still in chinese and are not updated and when will the back cases/covers be available for the device in Indian online stores.

                                    • c
                                    • captainthunder
                                    • j@w
                                    • 23 Jul 2019

                                    It would would be great if the front firing speaker and the headphone jack are thoroughly tested to see how they compare to audio focused phones like the Lg g8

                                      • z
                                      • zzee
                                      • sxs
                                      • 23 Jul 2019

                                      ppl are asking abt 8K recording amd TK Bay alrdy answered this at YT

                                        Have dual screen or split screen mode? Able to run idle game screen off mode? The cooling fan turn on automatically?