Flashback: HTC HD2 was the best Windows Mobile phone, but it toured other OSes too

21 July 2019
The HD2 was the first Windows Mobile phone to have a capacitive touchscreen, which was made usable only thanks to HTC's TouchFLO 3D UI.

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  • Anonymous

My sister had HTC HD7. It worked good.

Al-Aqsa Lover, 21 Jul 2019I still see windows 10 mobile more stylish than Android :)Android has something no other mobile OS has right now - flexibility in choosing your own style. Launchers from the Store will help you bring the looks you prefer.

  • Anonymous

What time it was !!! I had many of em..... Sadly microsoft stopped the OS....then Time revenges and killed their windows phone OS.

I still see windows 10 mobile more stylish than Android :)

  • Anonymous

Htc rhyme was my first Android phone HTC good

  • Fernando

It was my First smartphone and phone with a touchscreen after a long line of nokias and It was a amazing phone who outlasted its time and life span for years only dying when by accident i allowed It to fall att the floor with the charger connected I even tried to fix it but at the time it wasn't worth or maybe even possible to fix anymore in 2014

  • dulexetina

Htc still makes the best phones. I don't know why are they getting all the bad reviews... U12+ is my next phone...price is good now and the updates have fixed everything (battery and the button stuff)

  • Tan

Windows version on HTC HD2 was the best. HTC was simply so ahead in the game when in it's peak. So sad they had to go down this way...part of that is their fault too for not following the trend

  • Dometalican

Great read. To go with HTC re-releasing the Wildfire, I'd love for them to continue re-releasing their classics with modern specs. While the Wildfire is their budget phone, their Desires are their mid-rangers (which are being re-released already), I would LOVE for them to bring back the HTC One Max. That phone with its giant 16:9 ratio screen could run 2K, front-facing stereo speakers, GIANT battery, dual camera (Normal and Wide) rear, single selfie camera, Hybrid Dual Sim, Global Bands, IR Blaster, and 6GB RAM/128GB ROM would make that phone such a powerhouse!

Great series. I recall the Nokia N73 with loud stereo speakers and the Nokia N8 which was dubbed the 'director of photography' by GSM Arena

Good memories. This was my dream phone back in the day but I couldn't afford it. Went to the store just to touch it, have a feel of it!

  • Miku

I remember my Toshiba TG01, ahhh what an awesome device it was, first in the world with Snapdragon chipset, very slender and overall beautiful phone, hopefully GSMArena will make an article about the very first snapdragon phone in the world, it really was awesome!

Whackcar, 21 Jul 2019HTC has made some of the most iconic smartphones out there, whic... moreThey are remastering Wildfire but its not going to be a groundbreaking Phone.

HTC has made some of the most iconic smartphones out there, which is why their recent downfall is even more disappointing to the fans.

I would like to see HTC embrace their roots & launch classic HTC style phones with a modern revamp.

In deed, one of the best I ever had.

Still remember the day I bought it, 4.3" capacitive screen was so amazing at that time!

  • Anonymous

Legendary. The screen at the time was humongous

  • Anonymous

best phone ever created and probably will stay that way even those bendable phones can touch it awesomeness

It was a monster of a phone. Never had it myself (back in 2009 i was devoted Symbian fan (till today, btw, N82 reminding me old times and 808 peak of Symbian OS) and not so in for touchscreen phones, so i rocked Nokia 5730 Xpressmusic back then (i sorely miss physical qwerty's)) but my friend had it and oh boy, i was pretty impressed. So much, to be honest, that my next phone was Nokia C6 that combined best of the two worlds: touchscreen and physical qwerty keyboard.

  • Anonymous

A well deserved mention.
Owned the HD2 for 4 years, ran almost anything I threw at it. I can't say I've enjoyed any phone I've owned as much as the HD2, even newer ones.

Locked bootloaders and lack of OS updates beyond 2 years played a major role in that.

HD2 is a prime example how a good phone could stay relevant way past its intended lifespan.