Asus ROG Phone II announced with 120Hz HDR screen and Snapdragon 855+

22 July 2019
The new Kunai Gamepad turns the phone into something of an Android-powered Nintendo Switch. 

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Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019Terraria? Minecraft? PUBG mobile? COD? FF? No? Are they all bad?They all crap comparing to proper console games. Mobile gaming is still mobile gaming, cant compete with big boys. The only thing it could be useful to use it is to stream proper console or PC games, otherwise this phone is useless.

  • Anonymous

SkyMeow, 23 Jul 2019Only reason I'm actually interested is it has got proper fr... moreThat and the big battery. Assuming if it's properly factory optimized though. Potential problem is actual SKU prices per country.

This or ZTE nubia Red Magic 3?

  • Dometalican

SkyMeow, 23 Jul 2019Only reason I'm actually interested is it has got proper fr... moreRed Magic 3 and Black Shark 2 have front-facing stereo speakers as well. If you live in the US though, only the Red Magic 3 is usable here. ROG 2 is better in every aspect but the Red Magic 3's ultimate package is like 2/3 the price of the base ROG 2 so it depends what you can spend.

Great phone but with not that great price.
As long as there are juust few 60 Hz games and no 90 or 120 Hz games having this is uuseless i think.
Right at the moment latest blackshark or nubia red magic is good enough for much less money.

  • Ioannis

Too narrow due to the ridiculous 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

Too crazy good like there's nothing to complain, unless the thickness and weight annoy you.

Only reason I'm actually interested is it has got proper front stereo speakers. I believe this phone is the only one so far of this gen. Once it becomes available in my area, I might buy it (upgrade from Note 8).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019How can you see 60Hz as slide show when there be 60 frames ... moreYou can clearly notice when you're looking at 60 FPS/Hz. It's just looks like there's something wrong with the device. Faster panel locked to 60 is the same, but as long as it can be set to higher frequency, it'll be a night vs. day kind of an upgrade. Like my OnePlus 6T vs OnePlus 7 Pro's 90 Hz display; HUGE difference in overall smoothness, even though 6T does not suffer from any lag or stuff like that. Slow panel can never be as nice to look at as faster is, that's my point.

  • Oldmke

Cool phone , stereo speakers Headphone jack , huge battery , I like it .

  • Anonymous

robdevil XI, 22 Jul 2019Forget it. No support, no updates, no compabilllty with maj... morelol second hand xs max, no thanks... this phone is perfect..

  • luouxmont

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019For flexingafter seeing the 60 vs 120 vs 144 vs 240 hz slow motion comparisons, justifying 60-90 hz is like justifying pong more than anything after it. this corner deserves completion, not cuts!

AnonD-732843, 22 Jul 2019"1. It will a power hungry. 2. Flip Mechanism takes more r... moreWith 512 gb UFS 3.0, I think that's enough for us to store many games and media.

  • Anonymous

and its enough for me to play games i need.

Forget it. No support, no updates, no compabilllty with major networks providers(VoLTE or VoWiFi). First ROG phone was forgotten and I have no doubt that second one will be too. Too expensive. For this price you can have second hand XS Max!

  • yess

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019Unpopular opinion: Gaming Phones are useless as long as the... morealong with gaming laptops/ keyboards mice and backpacks/

and some could say gamers to...

  • Anonymous

Unpopular opinion: Gaming Phones are useless as long as there's no PS Vita type of games it's useless especially Android OS.

Sorry Asus, people wont pay 900 euros to play gamrs thats two xbox one x consoles plus nintendo switch lite

  • AnonD-732843

Anonymous, 22 Jul 20191. A screen with a much higher resolution of 1440P. -->... more1. 1440p is indeed more than enough or almost perfect as you say, I'll partially agree as 4K will produce a beautifully accurate picture that even the most eagle-eyed people will not be able to discern however 1080p is simply not enough anymore. I know the fact that people can't tell the difference between 720p or 1080p even on a much bigger yet still relatively small 13 inch screen such as that of a laptop and that is fully due to poor vision which is really sad and I feel for those people, but I can see and and don't want to see those tiny little square pixels at all.

2. It is true that the flip mechanism takes up an enormous amount of space but it is nothing short of achievable even on this phone. As i have previously said to a different person; there is only a 0.3mm difference in thickness between this & the Zenfone6 with 1K more/less in battery capacity so there could be a compromise in making the battery 5 or 5.5K or just have the total width under 10mm keeping the 6K battery.

3. Sure, gamers could care less about bezels but then again, S10 / Note 9 bezels are more than enough to house good front stereo speakers while also maintaining a good grip.

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2019For sure a winner in ugliest designYou clearly forget the Pixel 3XL. Give me a break.