Honor 9X and 9X Pro go official with a pop-up camera, Kirin 810 chipset

23 July 2019
They also pack a 48MP sensor for the rear camera. These are the first Honors to feature a pop-up camera. First to use the Kirin 810 too.

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  • Gusta

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019No fast charge for 4000mah is a big letdown for the phone..... moreJust go with the other mobile phones which have more expensive price (level) of course..
Don't think complicated and don't expect too much for the price offered.. The main selling point of this mobile is Kirin 810 but with more competitive price.

Kangal, 24 Jul 2019I'm more skeptical of them than you, but they've proven the... moreWoah thats cheap, unlike in my country, higher price therefore not recommended. Agree, on paper, Z6 still a decent device for the price. Nahhh not gonna do custom rom/kernel anymore, that days are gone in my book, getting older & busy with life lol.

The so called 'Hyper Video' was a letdown though, its just u got EIS on 720p, when other mid ranger already had it in 1080p - https://youtu.be/nZcnreH6OpE (weird thing the reviewer non stop praise the phone lol)

Looks like 9X using high quality IPS LCD, comparable to OLED screen - https://youtu.be/Wg_h8QBGsNc

And i choose high quality LCD over OLED anyday.

  • Anonymous

DaleCooper, 24 Jul 2019Whats the love for 2MP depth camera?Cheap and good for marketing

Whats the love for 2MP depth camera?

  • VKD

Does anyone know the sensor behind the 48 mp camera in the 9x series? Is it the same IMX 586 Sony Flagship sensor?
The x series has been camera centric since the 6x was launched i wish this one also fares better than competition, though Realme x is hard to beat. The honor brand has lost a lot of value since Huwaei-Us dispute, to gain back market share they should price competitvely in Other countries.
Once a Honor user always a honor user!

  • ciquta

Well balanced device, as Honor X series always is

I didn't expect a 7nm chipset at this price, just a little bit disappointed with the 10W charger.

Other Mi devices have better specs (for a few bucks more) but I'm happy with bigger display so I will go for this one.

  • AnonD-706668

Smiter, 23 Jul 2019Wow you need a Nobel prize for that discovery.Inventor gets Nobel prize...not Discoverer....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2019Who buys an LCD in this day and age ? they are terrible !Terrible but more durable. Accept that blind fanboy unless you like burn in issue or you like to hurt your eyes.

Shui8, 24 Jul 2019Lenovo Z6 priced at $280, while Z6 Pro $500. While the spec... moreI'm more skeptical of them than you, but they've proven themselves for 2019. Sure, they won't last as well or as long as say OnePlus phone, but the price differential means its not a worry. You could probably upgrade the device once, at equal net cost, to nullify that concern, thus upgrading both the software and hardware. There are firmware issues with the Global Version, mainly because there's like 1-2 developers working alone to port the Chinese ROM and so its kinda hacky/has bugs. But the Chinese kernel/rom is solid, and if you can flash something on it (eg ResurrectionRemix) it would be best.

Last time I checked the deals especially in local China;
~US $230 was the (6GB/128) Lenovo Z6 Lite/Youth Midrange phone
~US $320 was the (6GB/128) Lenovo Z6 Midrange phone
~US $440 was the (8GB/256) Lenovo Z6 Pro Upper-Midrange phone
~US $580 was the (6GB/256) ZTE Axon10 Pro Flagship/Luxury phone (very low availability)
~US $750 was the (8GB/512) Samsung S10 Plus Flagship/Luxury phone (Best Buy)

So nope, the Honor 9X/Pro are good deals, but the Lenovo Z6 range is slightly cheaper, and you get a better phone, so overall its the better value.

Kangal, 23 Jul 2019While, you're not wrong... don't forget the big price diffe... moreLenovo Z6 priced at $280, while Z6 Pro $500. While the specs are great for the price, 9x (Pro) still cheaper. Honestly if its on $500 mark, i rather get the Oneplus 7 or vanilla Mate 20/P30, Honor View 20, Honor 20, Galaxy S10e etc.

And its Lenovo. They have to proof themselves first wether their comeback is real again.

  • HuaWheee!

Those look overall great devices. Amoled is just plain overrated, especially the cheap ones generally have questionable quality.
However, no fastcharging is a disgrace. They should've at the very least added super slow 15W fastcharging, then they would've been on the same level as Samsungs S10 XD

no, 23 Jul 2019Mi 9T / Redmi K20 is still better for me . *has amoled dis... moreWhile, you're not wrong... don't forget the big price difference.
It would be wiser to compare this to the Lenovo Z6, and in that instance, it would be hard to pass on the Z6 for the Honor 9X/Pro. Let alone going for the Lenovo Z6-Pro which is only a bit more expensive, or the Z6-Lite/Youth, which is still competitive but much cheaper.

What you're getting here is good value, and national pride under the Huawei logo. That's too much to pass up for most Mainlanders.

  • Smiter

AnonD-706668, 23 Jul 2019Software based image stabilisation is not as good as hardwa... moreWow you need a Nobel prize for that discovery.

  • Anonymous

People stop bitching about stupid things that are not that important this is a 200 DOLLARS PHONE.
Like the half an hour you will save charging is that important.
I wish they didn't use a pop up camera and went with the traditional fingerprint scanner on the back so they could achieve an even more aggressive pricing.
There are a lot of phones out there with useless specs to throw your money away for a new phone every year or two.

  • Khuan

Veneno, 23 Jul 2019Can anyone confirm 9x 4/64 have ufs 2.1 and 18w/22,5w charger? HONOR 9X and 9X Pro have a 10W charger only.

Prices sound fine. I just don't know if I could go back to an LCD after going Oled... And I'd pay $20 more to have real charging, not 10w. That's understandable for a spec'd out $200 phone but for something going for $300 or $350...? I can't imagine anyone accepting that at that price

  • Anonymous

No fast charge for 4000mah is a big letdown for the phone..... Makes me sad if I think of it

  • Prash

Dude , 23 Jul 2019Is it metal frame and glass back??? Also, why no fast ch... moreYes its having metal frame and glass back.

  • Rick Ross

Veneno, 23 Jul 2019Can anyone confirm 9x 4/64 have ufs 2.1 and 18w/22,5w charger? Yes all variants of 9X and 9X Pro come with UFS 2.1 because this phone is competing in the market against Redmi K20, Realme X, Oppo K3 and Vivo Z1 Pro and all these phones come equipped with UFS 2.1 storage but the Good thing is that Only HONOR 9X and 9X Pro support Dual Lane Channel Transfer of UFS 2.1 and the Andorbench Score shows the Read Speed Above 750mbps to upto 900mbps. I personally was waiting for this phone for months and since its launch today i have searched many sites and articles (all languages) for more info on it and i have seen the Antutu scores and Camera samples and Androbench Storage Speed scores. Just blindly go for this Phone because its a Real Beast Unleashed.