RED blames ODM for poor camera of first phone, says a second one is on the way

24 July 2019
Founder Jim Jannard has issued a statement, blaming the Chinese ODM for the Hydrogen One woes.

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  • Anonymous

detachable camera sensor this time?

Psssht, hahahaha. Oh wow, that is RICH. Blame the ODM for your stupidity Red

If you all think this is overpriced, look at the Red Mini Mag. 480GB SSD for 1.5k... I would rather buy an Apple Stand...

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019Red is a scam,their "cinema grade" BS camera couldn't even take ... moreYou do know the fact that the red camera(if i am not wrong most of pro cameras) have flat output so that it can be easily edited while smartphones have already have pre edited output

  • Anonymous

Well, maybe they should offer early adopters the newer phone as a compensation. They charged 4 times the price and came too late, and the end product was mediocre to say the least. It seems only fair to return some of their revenue to keep their disappointed customers happy.

  • six_tymes

I understand his blame, I work for a toy company and we are constantly spending so much time year after year communicating poor Quality Control to our production companies. Its not always bad, but they cant seem to understand the importance of keeping QC consistent.

Excuses, excuses. No one even cares, even if the camera was good it was ridiculously expensive

  • Anonymous

Red is a scam,their "cinema grade" BS camera couldn't even take better pictures than my 270$ Poco F1

"clearly more capable" is not the same as "capable". They're along the line between "capable" and "not capable", closer to "capable" than previous company, but no guarantees they're actually "capable".

Nice play of words but you can expect very similar results compared to previous iteration. Maybe a bit better, but still highly overpriced toy phone "made in china" from a no-name company with some RED branding.

Was it not like that the first time around? Because I missed the whole hype train and the apparent train wreck, sadly.

Well lets see what they are capable of :-)

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2019Should have done like BB, another doesmthe hardware amd BB does... moreBB is a blend of (relatively) dope hardware and sweeet software. TCL knows what they're doing :)
(I bet RED and the likes usually select between more obscure factories, though :D Hisense maybe? Or the people behind Vernee? (another couple tiers lower) xD)

  • Devil

I blame RED for installing a poor camera in their own phone.

RED playing the blaming game. lol

If only they were a classy, non-generic company, they'd at least disclose the name of the new ODM (and possibly the old one, too :D)... maybe somewhere deep in the forums or as a tweet reply

Typical, wants all the glory and praise but none of the blame. RED does not have the expertise to create/design a phone, but higher an ODM to do it and slap their name on it but also charges a ton for it. This was just a shameful money grab, but cashing in on their name, but when it backfired RED does not have the gut to take it and deal. Not exactly sure what exactly RED brought to the table to demand such a premium besides slapping their name and logo on it.

  • Anonymous

Should have done like BB, another doesmthe hardware amd BB does software.