Nokia 8.2 to arrive with 32MP pop-up camera and Android Q

25 July 2019
The rumor also says the camera will be 32 MP.

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  • Henski

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2019800 was not the flagship the n9 on meego wasN9 was a flagship nokia smartphone. The best ever.

  • Anonymous

Price range of Nokia 8.2 ?

Nokia still lag behind in Model refreshments & New Model launching !

Martin, 23 Oct 2019Why so? It's weird to see such contradicting opinions about 8.... moreat the time of writing i had a Note 8 and 8.1. Note 8 was getting security updates faster than 8.1. as a matter of fact I got Pie update faster on my Note 8 than on 8.1 and One UI has more features and is more user friendly than Android One. But Android One is lighter.

  • Anonymous

Nokia are a little slow with the model refreshes.

  • Martin

DonAKG, 25 Jul 2019the worst phone i had was a 8.1Why so?
It's weird to see such contradicting opinions about 8.1, some call it the best phone, others - the worst phone.

So, I'm not sure what to buy if I want clean Android with guaranteed updates; NFC, good camera, acceptable SoC power and price about 300 EUR - there are not many other choices. Motorola One Vision? Wait for 8.2?

Nokia wastes too much time before their releases, if they release it eventually. We've been waiting so long for the global version of the Nokia X71, expected to be released as a beefed up version of the X71 as the Nokia 8.1+, but no word from Nokia ever since.

Its like Nokia is deliberately releasing unimpressive devices to make its customers lose interest!
I recently looked at the Nokia line up, comparing it with even upcoming chinese brands like Realme, I was totally disappointed and put off. Nokia isn't doing anything to win back and impress its customers and the world alike. Most devices released are average, underwhelming with last generation specs, ridiculously priced and poor and non strategic timing for releases. Its like they need to be schooled on how to strive in this world competitive smartphone business.
The only devices HMD did right were the 7+, 8 Sirocco, X71 and 8.1 with respect to their time of production.
Nokia is the only one in the position to take the fight to the likes of Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Oneplus, but they are just too way behind and may never catch up at this rate. Plus they've lost their brand integrity and customer fan base.
But all that is still salvageable...

If Nokia was wise, they would wait for the stable version of Android Q to be released, before any new releases, take advantage of it to release devices in the mid range and flagship class. Making use of the new advanced chipsets: Snapdragon 675, 712,730/730G, the upcoming 735 and even the Helio G90T {for Midrangers}. I still think they can make use of the SD 845 with new tech innovations that were not available as at last year to make an amazing device that would trump every other Midranger including those making use of the SD 730G and Helio G90T. It would just be a class in between current flagships and upper midrangers, and would be for those that want premium current flagship features at a more affordable price than Flagships with SD 855/855+.

All these with innovative and solid design and build, we don't need gimmicks like pop ups and 48/64mp cameras with Quad cam setups. Get rid of the notches too!

  • TOM

what about freeze frenzy?
previously use nokia 8110 4g it freeze like hell, though i got the bad one, purchase the 2nd one its behave the same way after little while. there is noway to tell whos call you when you get miss call, or access yyour history. both sit in my house to tell myself nokia not like old nokia

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2019What about audio and speaker's i'm not an audio hardcore users, usually pair my phone with bluetooth speaker and earphones. using a wired earphone is not bad at all. it pleases my ear well. and for the speaker is has mono speakers, its sound okay and more better than certain stereo speaker phone etc pocophonef1. it's a plus point video recording also got ozo audio. it would captures great audio for sure for a better surrounding audio.

  • Anonymous

DoOrDie, 25 Jul 2019Unlike me I satisfied with my Nokia 8.1/X7. 4gb+128gb. It is per... moreWhat about audio and speaker's

what's with the name of this lol

  • InTheMatrice

I was still waiting for a replacement for the Nokia 7+ - Android One
8.1 was not
Already afraid of the price of 8.2

  • Anonymous

Vitaliano G., 25 Jul 20198 Gigs, 10 Gigs, 12 Gigs... just room enough for crapware... Th... moreI don't need extremely powerful phone but I can show it. My friends may shut up and never speak about power.

Love the Community, 25 Jul 2019If this phone still has 3 microphone OZO technology, headphone j... moreI own a Nokia 8 phone. Speakers are far from excellent, bass is non-existent. There are 3 microphones but they have a very high failure rate. Actually, it seems the whole phone was made of cheap components because after only 18 months since its release, there are no more spare parts available for Nokia 8 because there were so many failed components and repairs being done. Except timely security updates, software support for Nokia 8 is atrocious. There are still lot of bugs and last feature update for camera app was in the spring of 2018! Avoid these so-called Nokia phones, especially their "flagships".

  • Anonymous

DaleCooper, 25 Jul 2019They release phones too late.yes .. its very boring to wait for an up to date design from nokia ... very long time nokia

  • Anonymous

AnonD-819322, 25 Jul 2019It won't have the 855, maybe the 730. The 8 series is now the up... moreActually Lumia 800 was considered flagship too, before the launch of 900

8 Gigs, 10 Gigs, 12 Gigs... just room enough for crapware...
That gives developers the space to avoid good programming and optimal code and data sizing.

Why do you think google is throwing all this "go" apps?. Why do you need all those gigs?, for having all messengers available loaded in memory at the same time?

Well in that case you will also need to let them work (no battery optimization), so having so many many many programs... well you are going to need guess what... a car battery to fuel up your phone.

But, that's ok, you can go around with all that hardware just for showing and doing normally nothing

  • Carol

Renato, 25 Jul 2019I bought two nokia phones, and I'm disappointed, I will never ma... moreI have bought all xperias in the world 300 and counting, they are all sooo abd, now i owe a Nokia, oh what a joy... tesure for the ones who get it.

  • Carol

DonAKG, 25 Jul 2019the worst phone i had was a 8.1Let memake itmore clear for ypu: the phone you never had was a nokia 8.1, or any Nokia, for that matter.

  • Anonymous

No notch? Yessss. Hopefully it's still Super AMOLED. Great news about the camera. I hope that it supports single-shot HDR and HDR video 240FPS.
Screw the 855, I hope that it's a 730 with WiFi6 compatibility.

  • Kokoliha

I'm using the Nokia 7 plus. I can't Imagine a better cellular phone! The handset works fast and flawless. During the last 24 years I've been using almost all the Nokia phones that have been on the market. If the Nokia 8.2 is better than my Nokia 7 plus, it will be a magnificient phone!