Nokia 8.2 to arrive with 32MP pop-up camera and Android Q

Yordan, 25 July 2019

Nokia 8.2 is likely still a couple of months away, but we already have its first specs. According to a new tweet by a leakster with a decent track record, the new smartphone will have a pop-up camera and Android Q out of the box.

Nokia 8.2 to arrive with pop-up camera and Android Q out of the box

The elevating mechanism will have a 32MP sensor - likely the Samsung GD1 sensor that outputs images in 8 MP with Tetracell (Quad-bayer) pixel-binning technology. The rumor also stated the phone will come out with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage.

You might think that is not much and other flagships have it better, but actually no Nokia smartphone was ever launched with that much memory - not even the flagship Nokia 9 PureView.

Nokia 8.2 to arrive with pop-up camera and Android Q out of the box

Since the Nokia 8.1 got a massive discount in Europe, we can only hope HMD Global is preparing for the unveiling of its next device that, fingers crossed, could be the first Snapdragon 855 Nokia on the market.



Reader comments

  • 😆

Go and check now They have risen again The legends are back now Xperia 1!! And xperia pro Xperia mark 2 is outstanding and revolutionary

  • bewp

Nothing in the RUMOR MILL section though. Strange. But then again, this is not a pure chinse phone.

  • Anonymous

Nokia is too slow in releasing their phones. Have been waiting for replacement for the 7+, and 8.1 was not. I fear the price of upcoming 8.2. hmd should use newer chipsets an battery of at least 4500mah. I think hmd can't produce phones in the name ...

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