Oppo showcases Waterfall screen with extremely curved edges

29 July 2019
The curves on the side of the screen are 88 degrees, bringing the screen-to-body ratio even closer to 100%.

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  • Chetan


Curvy display is best and stand out in the crowd. It is beautiful. I always like curve display. Currently using Samsung galaxy note 8. Much satisfied.

  • gti

Waterfall lol

  • Anonymous

waiting for the review of the under the screen display camera. the quality as well

See people worry about durability of new phone
designs. if new gorilla glass and new metal chassis protects phones from being shattered or scratched or even bent so screen protectors and cases will be gone

time to achieve ~100% screen-to-body ratio

Sorry I couldn't read this full article since the paragraphs went over the sides of the phone... /s

  • Jane

VaruLV, 29 Jul 2019While such screens look great in pictures(S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10 f... moreIt's year 2046 and if your phone is strong enough why put extra protector? Look at your iphone or wtever phone you are using...how does that protector prevent your screen from cracking???

  • VaruLV

While such screens look great in pictures(S7 Edge, S8, S9, S10 family aside from S10e) and have side cart swiping option built in(Samsung), in daily use its impossible to put 100% fitting tempered screen protector and matching case protection, thus mine is all scratched up already due to lack of screen protection. It looks good in pictures, it as some usability scenarious where it shines, but my next phone will be either flat screen or classic folding design.

  • Anonymous

wasox, 29 Jul 2019I hope this dumbness will be short lived as the horrible notches... moreUnfortunately this idiocy is spreading, not dying. All we can do is vote by keeping our wallets closed.

dladz, 29 Jul 2019Curve it the other way, easier to hold, same real estate. Ac... moreGalaxy Round salutes you.

I hope this dumbness will be short lived as the horrible notches, which thankfully are disappearing

This absolute insanity, what about cases? Glass protectors? View angles? Undesired touches? Fragility? A very slight curve should be enough for aesthetic purposes, not this non sense useless curves

Jaeger, 29 Jul 2019One thing is the curved screen of my Note9 (which doesn't bother... moreI mean, the Note9 side bezels are larger than the Note8's to make the screen less curvy. That is why it is fine to have them here, but what Oppo is doing is extreme.

This is a really bad idea, how people will use cases and screen protectors on this madness...

dinosg7, 29 Jul 2019So trueLacklustre "innovation" in the recent years (2016-present) has made smartphones not as interesting as they used to be.

.alpha, 29 Jul 2019Samsung always introduces the dumbest trends. This curved screen... moreFront-Facing Flash too...

  • Anonymous

Yikes... with curved edges like this being more aggressive than even the S and Note series, this phone better have revolutionary palm rejection tech. I can't imagine how buggy this thing would be if it doesn't.

  • Rem

So this is the new trend, Oppo, Nubia, Huawei... the extremely curved edges.

Surely the following will be the mobile soap bar or glass bubble. That can be used as decorative crystal.

One thing is the curved screen of my Note9 (which doesn't bother me, even when using S-Pen), and other totally different is this 88 degree curved display.

This is what happens when aesthetics gets in the way of ergonomics and usability.