Redmi's General Manager confirms the Redmi Note 8 is coming soon

05 August 2019
This is the first time we hear something about the handset.

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Shadocx, 05 Aug 2019You keep saying OLED have unnatural colors when the Delta E 2000... moreSorry, but it's no myth. I had a galaxy s3 at one time and the next phne for me was a redmi note 3. I can confirm that lcds and oleds look the same except for those closer to natural blacks and the burn in feature. Plus most manufacturers still use static status bars, so that's a knife to the chest for having an oled. For 3 of 4 years i used my s3 with a custom rom that had an expanded display feature but it still retained that status bar burn in i recieved in the first year. If Xiaomi wants me to look away from them more than i do from huawei or apple then please, use the oleds, but techy people know that oleds do burn and that burn is permanent.

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Anders, 05 Aug 2019NFC this time Xiaomi. It's getting ridiculous now. Honor phones ... moreIt's what you need out of the phone. Some dont even care about the NFC and well these Honor on same price can have NFC but they lack on everything else for that price range.

exactly man,people shouldn't complain about oleds,people should actually complain about cheap oleds or if the manufacturer doesn't give option about changing profiles(I wouldn't buy a phone without oled actually since screens on phones like poco f1 look really cheap(whose comparison will be ironic since I am talking about a budget phone))but normally even for normal experience I don't know why oled's just look better

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Hopefully they will launch globally asap after China launch and not make the same mistakes as with the Note 7 Pro! Make one version for every market instead of different ones for China, India, Europe etc. Same spec, all the bands, latest mid range processor, NFC, big battery, decent cameras, wide angle, telephoto, minimal bezels. They need to compete with Honor more. 9x will soon be the benchmark, Mi A3 was a disappointment...

CompactPhones5ever, 05 Aug 2019Anyway my guess: 1) CPU - Snapdragon 710. The thing with SD66... moreYes, Its good to have Finger print scanner at the back (Not inside display).

Donbenie, 05 Aug 2019Hope it comes with AMOLED this time.. Unfortunately, for their price tier, Xiaomi will use cheap oled panel and/or won't able calibrated it properly. Cheap+uncalibrated oled just has too much demerits. Better off with IPS

Sun Sand, 05 Aug 2019Discussing between OLED and LCD. Yes, OLED being describe as mo... moreYou keep saying OLED have unnatural colors when the Delta E 2000 of each phone is tested in their reviews, and phones have different color profiles in the display settings. If you find one too oversaturated, pick another one. It's hilarious to see people keep spreading this myth.

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Expecting too much, but only if it have AMOLED 1080p display and it's my next phone.

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Donbenie, 05 Aug 2019Hope it comes with AMOLED this time.. Let's hope not. There are other models in redmi line with amoled. Let there be a few with LCD.
Not everypne likes oled. Not to mention that it rises the price. Better put NFC than an oled diaplay.

My guess is the mediatek G90t

Hope they don't keep using 4000mah batteries even flagships have those these days, mid range needs to start leading battery size again give us 5000mah minimum

NFC this time Xiaomi. It's getting ridiculous now. Honor phones in this price bracket have it

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GAMIRSFM, 05 Aug 2019I haven't mentioned the Note7 in the first place, i was talking ... moreThan why you said that they won't sell it in india?

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2019Indian market have the 48mp version. It's note 7sI haven't mentioned the Note7 in the first place, i was talking about the Note8.

  • kingJafa

CompactPhones5ever, 05 Aug 2019Anyway my guess: 1) CPU - Snapdragon 710. The thing with SD66... moreNice analysis,quite a spot on

6.6" display(160x80mm).
5,000 mAhs battery
Triple card slot
710 CPU
Stereo Speakers.
Indisplay Dot Selfie Cam (Pop up's are weird & crazy).

...Redmi Note 7 User.

Donbenie, 05 Aug 2019Hope it comes with AMOLED this time.. Discussing between OLED and LCD.
Yes, OLED being describe as more superior than LCD, due to it's true black, more punchy color, wider color gamut, wide viewing angle. However, it is more costly to implement.
LCD almost can achieve similar result, just not having true black color in total low light viewing, where easily can see the back light, side by side still less punchy than AMOLED.
Then, there is the color preference on our eye. Most people like vivid saturated color screen that is popularized by Samsung and iPhone screen that show off what maximum color saturation is all about and the strong color makes the image pop.
There are others that comment that vivid color is not accurate in color representation, some blame these make color look fake, unnatural.
This is where LCD comes in, not as saturated, but more natural looking than AMOLED screen. Then LCD screen is more durable than AMOLED, due to having much longer lifetime.
For those who hate LCD, get rid of this phone, this phone is not for you.
For those who really doesn't matter on screen tech of choice, this phone actually offer more value than you can think.
I have these phone using side by side, at long term use, my eye actually prefer the natural looking LCD, despite it look dull compare to AMOLED screen.

Anyway my guess:

1) CPU - Snapdragon 710. The thing with SD660 on Note 7 was that at the time of the phone's release, the chipset was out for quite a while so they bought it for cheap and optimized it well. SD710 would be a good pick because it's a) an older cpu so they should be able to fetch them at fair price, b) it's 10nm architecture (compared to SD660's 14nm), so they should be able to make a significant improvements with proper optimization and c) the 7xx chipset series simply sounds better than 6xx one so it's good for sales as well
2) Camera - triple setup, with 64MP main sensor, depth sensor and ultrawide module. The main sensor will obviously be the same tetracell technology so it's most likely going to make better photos with the 16MP mode, but the Note series is for the masses and high megapixel count sells. It will make better pictures than Note 7 but not too much.
3) Full HD display, I wouldn't expect any improvements there (especially since manufacturers are charged more for using Google services on devices with higher resolution) and no downgrades either since people don't really like HD displays.
4) Pop-up cam. It's too early for under-display cam, it's too late for regular notch, people don't like the hole punches, slide mechanism is probably too expensive, and they already have experience with pop-ups on K20, so it shouldn't raise the production price too much.
5) FM Radio stays, infrared stays, SD slot stays, type C usb stays, headphone jack stays, battery raises slightly (still remains in the 4xxx range), fingerprint stays on back and display technology remains LCD to keep the production price low and give people a reason to consider paying extra for Redmi K20.

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GAMIRSFM, 05 Aug 2019And i suppose this one will have a 64Mp sensor but they won't gi... moreIndian market have the 48mp version. It's note 7s

Great news really excited

Donbenie, 05 Aug 2019Hope it comes with AMOLED this time.. I don't really think they're going to slap amoled on it, because they'd either have to
a) make other significant drawbacks so it doesn't compete with higher range devices (like only HD+ resolution on CC9e), or
b) raise the price too much to move them to the higher price segment (like Mi A3)

Both of these are bad steps imo (judging by the reception of two above mentioned devices), so I think they're just going to stick to their guns with good old LCD. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it", as the saying goes. I wouldn't really make much of the Lu Weibing's message because
a) he's a general manager so being excited about the company's product is part of his job (seriously though show me a high rank person of any company's who's going to say something like "yeah it will be alright, not great and not terrible" or "it'll be just about average" about their upcoming product) and
b) Note 7 was already quite "stronger than the next door" for whatever that means, I mean it's been out for around half year and there's still no phone that would beat it at its price segment. Note 8 can't really get MUCH better unless they raise the price, which I don't think they will. So yeah, I believe that Note 8 will be a jawdropping phone for its price, but it won't be significantly different to Note 7.