Samsung shows Galaxy Note10 highlights in its official introduction video

08 August 2019
Check out all the new additions to Samsung's Note line.

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Will be interesting to see the Note 10+ battery charge time with 45w and how long a charge lasts in comparison to the s10+ with its newer chip, slight bump in mah, albeit with a bigger screen. I expect this to be the most significant spec increase over the s10 line up with the camera's and screen largely the same. I couldn't care less about the headphone jack and are yet to experience the difference 3.0 storage will bring but overall I'm looking forward to getting the note 10+ next month!

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    • Laveldel Queen
    • M8r
    • 08 Aug 2019

    BigDisplay, 08 Aug 2019Ofc.From where you know that?

      Lavendel Queen, 08 Aug 2019Hello, is there a setting to disable the front cam punch ho... moreOfc.

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        • Lavendel Queen
        • MBS
        • 08 Aug 2019

        Hello, is there a setting to disable the front cam punch hole like Galaxy S10 & Galaxy S10+ ?

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          • Yeah
          • f}D
          • 08 Aug 2019

          1080p for standard Note is a big letdown

            Nice phone and finally without the 3,5mm old school jack thingy, BUT not enough value for the money.
            But we all know the price will fall so fast.

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              • Anonymous
              • MBS
              • 08 Aug 2019

              Is there a setting to disable the coutout, like S10& S10+ ?

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                • FrostPE
                • Svg
                • 08 Aug 2019

                Nice smartphone, but no 3,5 mm jack kills it...