Samsung shows Galaxy Note10 highlights in its official introduction video

Michail, 08 August 2019

After all the hype around the new Note10 duo, Samsung is making sure you’re familiar with all the new additions to the handsets with its official introduction video. The short clip highlights all the novelties and gives you a short recap of what the new phones offer.

The new S pen now comes with a built-in gyroscope allowing for touch-free gesture controls which can be used to slide through presentations or control the camera app. In addition the phone can now convert your handwriting into text so you can easily find your notes later on.

Samsung details all the Galaxy Note10 features in its official introduction video

Next up we have the cameras which now offer live focus in video mode and an enhanced version of its Super Steady mode for shake-free videos. In addition, the ToF camera will help with portrait and background blur effects.

Performance is another focus point where Samsung is touting its new 7nm Exynos 9825 chipset which is paired with up to 12GB RAM and 512GB storage in the Note10+. The 4,300 mAh battery can be topped up in just 30 mins thanks to the super-fast charging on the larger Note10.

Samsung details all the Galaxy Note10 features in its official introduction video

The Samsung Dex experience is now available in a plug and play format for both Windows and Mac allowing for seamless productivity between phone and computer. The new Dynamic AMOLED display has gotten better and can now limit harmful blue light by 40% without distorting colors.

If you want to check out all of these features head over to our brief hands-on review of the Note10 duo.


Reader comments

Will be interesting to see the Note 10+ battery charge time with 45w and how long a charge lasts in comparison to the s10+ with its newer chip, slight bump in mah, albeit with a bigger screen. I expect this to be the most significant spec increase ov...

  • Laveldel Queen
  • 08 Aug 2019
  • M8r

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