Huawei introduces HarmonyOS, its cross platform alternative operating system

09 August 2019
An open-source OS capable of running on phones, wearables, PCs and even cars.

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Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019As a tech watcher I only pick the best and suitable for me... moreforum.topic.hide.reply.reply

It will take ages to replace Android as it took Symbian. Because of popularity and people mindset as dominat OS, I would say even it is much better than Android OS it will take minimum 5-10 years to challange iOS and Android populariry, and within this time Google will release new OS, so nothing is certain for Huawei yet

Raky, 09 Aug 2019Me too...i will miss gmail, which is the only Google's serv... moredon't worry. google will definitely develop a harmony gmail app.

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As a tech watcher I only pick the best and suitable for me on my parameters and term, everyone is free to compete. Let the people decide. Android is good enough for now, but if only another OS do much better surely I will totally migrate to the new OS. Healthy competition but not monopoly.

laughable, 12 Aug 2019us army switch to harmony os... i dont really think so... ... moreWell if something gets better far more user friendly and complete open source as Harmony OS claimed to be there is a point.
We have to see what will going to happen.
But i belive i predict an ultra rich future for Harmony OS.
Google went on the throne for long enough now its time for another price to take on the throne.
Google were and still is perfect OS but if someone will be more sucessfull then its time to go and swwap the train.
By the way only India and China have like 40% of Global population.
Europe and USA cant compete in numbers of customers and the rich USA and Europe market rich of wealthy customers is open for new stable free and complete open source OS like harmony.

  • laughable

CptPower, 12 Aug 2019Man. My friend Huawei sells about 600k phones every singl... moreus army switch to harmony os...
i dont really think so... that is compromising even if the technology is superior/
us navy invented the darkweb
why would they use a foreign operating system/
huawei does good in its regions for its own reasons

Yawn. - Europe.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Oh lord! Chinese OS! Joke of 2019...what was that homurOS? ... moreMan sttop envy them or make something better.
Ah you couldnt.
If they become sucessfull and they will become sucessfull maybe even google switch to Harmony just to save a lot expenses.

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2019Good point. Huawei needs the big and rich European market t... moreMan.
My friend Huawei sells about 600k phones every single day around the globe i really dont think they will be lack of customers from europe or USA.
I really think Americans had enough of apple and will gladly switch to the huawei if they can and would.
If they be really successfull maybe even USA army will use Harmony OS.

cyber, 09 Aug 2019another bs from huawei,if google cut them down from android... moreUS and google uses more spyware than you think.
Your lack of experience is funny you know???

Doom, 10 Aug 2019lol? Qualcomm having to deal with antitrust issues means Hu... moreObviously it's not "saving 5G companies" if it's suing them! OTOH there were never any charges brought by China against Meng's possession of multiple passports, illegal by Chinese law, talk about government coverups.
There was sufficient evidence of Huawei selling to Iran and that's enough to put them on the list, the other consideration is obviously the trade war in which the goal is to get China to remove most restrictions to foreign investment, lower import duties and cease governmental subsidies to exports.

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CompactPhones5ever, 09 Aug 2019To be quite honest, it can be absolutely flawless OS that's... moreIt took the Play store many years to catch up with App store. Most developers still don't want to develop for the Play Store and many apps are launched first on App store sometimes even months ahead.

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Doom, 10 Aug 2019Bear in mind that the US is publicly going against Huawei i... more5G tech companies? Nokia and Ericsson aren't US companies.

piku, 10 Aug 2019Finally a alternative OS, I hope harmony OS and Ubuntu give... moreUbuntu? The last time they try to beat Google, they failed. Now it's reduced to just community work via Ubports.

A modular OS. Sounds like Windows Core OS to me.

  • Anonymous

Sound promising. It's totally makes a lot of sense and this could be the big thing.

  • hoodafukisalice

"Determnistic means low latency". What Cr@p is this?

Anyone who has studied even a little bit of real time systems knows that deterministic means being predictable, and not with reducing latency!

This is another Lenovo like company throwing bullcr@p on the gullible customer. When will these Chinese ever stop at deceving? Sheesh!

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piku, 10 Aug 2019Finally a alternative OS, I hope harmony OS and Ubuntu give... moreLove this

  • piku

Finally a alternative OS, I hope harmony OS and Ubuntu give strong competition to Android so that google gives more importance to android OS development rather than creating new methods to spy on android users and flooding google apps with ads.

  • Manoj

There can a bad news for google