Apple could use "Pro" moniker for the iPhone 11

10 August 2019
Cupertino could be incorporating "Pro" in the naming of at least one of this year's iPhone models.

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  • raghu

looks so funny like local phone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-819322, 11 Aug 2019Around 40% of iPhone users answers when asked what phone they ha... moreYour 'conclusion' does not follow from the data given. Most people don't remember or misremember the specific model of their handset long after the purchase.

  • Mr. Phone !!

The "Pro" is for Ipone XL 5G 512gb and 6 gb ram

  • AnonD-819322

Lets not complain about the design, make Apple as flawed as ever. Wish it was based on the iPad Pro design for double bendgate.

  • Anonymous

Pro or Plus or Premium don't matter. Design is unacceptable.

  • coyz

This is the ugliest design ever next to its ugly notch! Its like!!! Any Apple fanboy around who can convince the world of this design to be great...? Even at $500 i will not this ugly monster-priced phone!

  • NeMo

This design is a disaster - I need to upgrade this year, but if they release THIS, I better switch to s10 or Note from my current 7 plus

  • Epic

I see many articles of innovation and new chip sets on new phones, then a article on whether an upcoming iPhone will be called a "Pro" WWWWOOWWW the innovation astounds!!!

  • Anonymous

Hahaha all iphones until 2019 were Amateur then

  • Bewildered

Carol, 11 Aug 2019Youp, that's the problem this world has, iphones laking 5G chip.... moreWhen you have nothing to say introduce a fallacious premises and argue that.

BETA? really­-5g-modem
Apple are not the world, the problem Apple has will "start" in 31 days or not

Networks that have outlets will be pushing 5G, if asked is the new iPhone 5G, do you think the sale staff will lie

Facts already known Apple has been losing market share
Networks are not going to increase 4G speed

Apple already had 2020 as the launch date for 5G

Apple could have? defeated Qualcomm in court but that would have been years away, additionally Qualcomm have lost big time to the U.S. FTC for operating monopolistic practices, independent of Apple V Qualcomm, and have a 7 year "Parole" I.e the Court will fine Qualcomm serious amounts.

are you still keeping up as there are lots of information for you to absorb.
Apple had purchased Intel modem business as in the near future Apple 4 and 5G chips will cost less than Qualcomm

For now Qualcomm will supply presumably the Alpha modem me and the entire world await

This year delay means those who have 5G are getting lightning Internet speed, crazy why I bought my 4th 4G iphone

  • Anonymous

AnonD-819322, 11 Aug 2019Around 40% of iPhone users answers when asked what phone they ha... moreSame for samsung

AnonD-819322, 11 Aug 2019Around 40% of iPhone users answers when asked what phone they ha... moreNot surprising. It's like the majority of consumers buying a car and not even knowing its displacement or compression method, ugh.

  • AnonD-819322

Around 40% of iPhone users answers when asked what phone they have: "iPhone"
Me: What model?
40% of iPhone users: iPhone.
According to surveys almost half of iPhone users don't even know what phone model they have and will just buy it for the name...

  • AnonD-819322

PeterThePanda, 11 Aug 2019iPhone XI R - iPhone Overpriced iPhone XI - iPhone Extremely Ov... moreXIR, not XI R. They've never used a space.

  • Anonymous

Old Notch again? This camera design are uglier than nokia, same design, no new classic design with home bottom upcoming and cannot even have the iPhone se 2 launches, which I need the phone of below 5 inch with small bezels and the huge 7+ inch with no bezels. Me, forgot the new iPhone design.

  • paco

i was an iPhone fan from the last 9 years... the technology they use is so backward and the so called premium phone

booldega, 11 Aug 2019If the iphone 11 pro has a USB-C port then YES ! But if even the... moreYep. seems legit basing on apple's logics.

  • Anonymous

Iphone pro will cost you $2500

iPhone XI R - iPhone Overpriced
iPhone XI - iPhone Extremely Overpriced
iPhone XI Max - iPhone Insanely Overpriced that you need 3 Kidneys to buy one.

There, better names.

kiasunkiasi, 11 Aug 2019and they gonna claim that they invented the word "Pro" and start... moreThis got me. :))))
They must've ran out of names. XS Pro? Naah! Excess Pro.