Apple could use "Pro" moniker for the iPhone 11

10 August 2019
Cupertino could be incorporating "Pro" in the naming of at least one of this year's iPhone models.

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Apple totally screwed the iPhones name in 2017 by switching to roman numbers and skipping the iPhone 7S,9 and 9S...

I bet they gonna try patent that name....

  • ProHB

They could be original to is design this time:

"iPhone Half Empty Hump" alias "iHEH"
"iPhone Saturated Hump" alias "iPSHhh"
"iPhone Pro Hunchback" alias "The HunchBack" WoW

The new Pro Ugly family joined the Apple rare circus. Soon it will be announced in the best cinemas promotioning the "Hunchback of Cupertino". Join the trend fashion too, put a huge hump in a corner of your back and complete it with the ultimate notched hair style. Be and feel your hunchback iPhone, be the new Apple Hunchback sheep.

  • Boricua

iCopying again