LG G8X images show a bigger screen with a smaller notch, 3.5mm jack

12 August 2019
The LG G8 ThinQ used a wider notch with 3D face scanning tech and Crystal Sound OLED speaker, but the X model will reverse some of those choices.

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  • Anonymous

I don't like the U-shaped notch because the V-shaped one looks way better but I'm willing to overlook this minor flaw if it has a large battery, I'm talking 3700mAh-4000mAh and I think it will because of the last model.

Jack or no it wont save LG from the situation where they are now.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Android one updates were never pushed by google Where di y... moreThat was said when Google initially announced the AndroidOne program.

It was an evolution of the internal "Project Silver" which evolved into the "Google Play Edition" and then to AndroidOne. Google announced that cheap devices had issues with security and updates, and that the program was intended to bring the smartphone experience to the next billion (or 5 Billion ?) users. They announced a partnership with MediaTek, who is plagued with software update issues, stability problems, and security concerns. Where Google was going to use them as a launchpad (basically cheap $99 phones) in turn for Google's developers making and pushing out the update. They also partnered with three major Indian OEMs to ensure this happens. The initial rollout 2014 was quite rocky, but they got their footing right in 2015.

By the way, the AndroidOne program was actually made for India. They sought to expand it also to SE Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, South America, and Africa. But things started to come undone around 2016-2017 when the devices were getting inflated prices and Google was having issues updating all the devices themselves. It was around this period they changed the program internally, this happened invisibly, when they removed the minimum requirements. They justified this as an evolution to "Nexus" program, and upgrade status from "Experimental Project" to "Major Project".

Shortly after this, if you remember back to the launch of the Xiaomi Mi A1 and Lenovo X4-Moto. These phones had Dual-Cameras and this was not supported by Google's AOSP or AndroidOne program, so they used proprietary Camera Apps which was fine. But when pressed further, Google admitted that they no longer support AndroidOne program, and it is upto their OEM Partners to ensure updates are pushed (and correctly bug-tested). And later Google updated their website and removed mentions that AndroidOne devices will get 2-year updates, which rightfully so, freaked everyone out. Google had to step forward and say "no we just updated the website, but AndroidOne phones should still get 2-year updates". However, that's just taken at face-value and means less when the promise of timely updates and long-term support is nothing less than a "pinky promise".

They even removed support for the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P earlier than anticipated (thankfully there's Custom Roms). And this whole AndroidOne fiasco is actually a normal thing for Google: build-it, support it, stop support, watch it decline. They did it with AndroidTV where Sony TV's and other OEMs where supposed to get a proper Operating System that was supposed to be powerful and be supported for a long-time directly from Google. Yeah, didn't happen. What about AndroidWear, another proprietary solution from Google based on Android that was going to have direct updates from Google. Yeah, turned out to be a lie, eventually was scrapped and turned into WearOS where it lacks behind competitors (WatchOS, Tizen, Garmin). Or how about the various Google projects from their messaging solutions etc etc. All built by Google, supported/embraced well initially, then support is pushed, eventually the program is sent to be killed off.

For these reasons, I do not trust Google. That is why I want access to Unlocked Bootloader for Custom Recovery, Custom Kernel, Custom Rom, Custom Mods, and Root access.

https://www.blog.goog le/products/android/android-be-together-not-same/
https://www.blog.goog le/products/android/taking-next-step-android-one/

Carl, 12 Aug 2019Profit it before they remove it in the Galaxy S11. It will ... moreMy friendly advice is never go for an LG. Worst phone company out there. Their UI age worse than Samsung's, making it very very laggy after just 1 year of use. This is coming from a V20 user. Never have I despise a phone company this much, but LG has really taken it to the next level with their butt loads of lies.

Go for Huawei instead. Mate 20 X is a solid option if you want the 3.5mm headphone jack. I really hope there's the Mate 30 X, but so far all leaks only point to Mate 30 Pro and non Pro version.

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019If the LG G9 has a headphone jack while the S11 and iPhone ... moreIt won't make a difference. LG's quality is so bad that those who have tasted LG before never wants to go back to them ever again. Even if they have the greatest DAC, their crappy UI, super laggy interface, lousy heat management, infamous CPU throttling, boot loop and complete lack of updates will surely send their phones to the bottom ranking among the smartphone manufacturers.

nst2018, 12 Aug 2019flop company flop design.Absolutely right!

  • Banana

Flushed rear camera, headphone jack... What else is new?

LG needs to heavily advertise their DAC and 3.5mm jack.

No better times to do it than NOW since Samsung omits those two features!

  • Anonymous

Carl, 12 Aug 2019Last year there were two models, one with three cameras and... moreMmm looking at the specs and the price. I would also consider the Samsung S10. The camera specs even seem to be a bit better, but Samsung doesn't have the Dac and headphonejack.

Well the 3D sensor was mostly gimmick from what I've seen in the review and about crystal sound oled technology... Well it looked interesting but if the price drops enough because of it, I wouldn't mind.

The problem is that LG's going to try to bend European customers over like they did with G8 - they released G8 in Europe with fullHD instead of quadHD display, without quad dac and worse camera but sold it at the same price as the full US version, and tried to justify the price because "the European version had bigger display" (6.1" -> 6.2")... Hard to say what they're going to come up with this time.

flop company flop design.

  • Anonymous

If the LG G9 has a headphone jack while the S11 and iPhone 11 don't... well I predict a slight boost in sales for LG haha. Hope they make the right decision

  • Carl

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Why they removed the telephoto camera? :( There is also no ... moreLast year there were two models, one with three cameras and other one with two. Sadly the model in Europe was the one with only two cameras. I forgot it and i'd like to have telephoto lens in the phone too. Seems that this year only the V60 would have the telephoto.

Hmmm, the V60 will be even more expensive. The V50 ThinQ never dropped of price, even today, it cost 1299 euros in the physical stores and the cheaper online 900 euros... Oh sh**, now i only have hopes that the Mate 30 still maintain its features.

  • Anonymous

Why they removed the telephoto camera? :( There is also no page of the LG G8X on gsmarena...

  • hmm

I am not against bigger screen but if the screen will make the phone bigger then on that i am really against.

5-5.5 inch screen phones is nothing from market. They are either very low end mtk phones or some really old models. I want something under 140mm tall phone with edge to edge screen. That will still fit in my pocket and i need to check do i have phone in my pocket. and not like they are now that i feel it's in my pocket cause i cant move even inch to not feel it's uncomfortable in my pocket.

  • Carl

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019What a troll. S10 still has 3.5 mm and expandable memory.Profit it before they remove it in the Galaxy S11. It will last only 5 months more till it happen. Plus the LG come with FM radio globally that only US version of S10 series has.

Perhaps this phone is what i was waiting for all the year in Europe. But i know how bad is LG with their updates and greedy in its initial price so maybe, for me, the key will be the Mate 30 or Mate 30X. Or wait several months until the price drops enough. I bet more for the Mate 30 but soon i'll see which one is the winner if they haven't removed key features for me like Samsung did with the Note 10 that i already have discarded together with the Nokia 9. With luck at IFA and/or 19 of September with the Mates i'll finally can choose one of them.

  • Anonymous

Ugly low end look alike

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019What a troll. S10 still has 3.5 mm and expandable memory.But do they still keep the 3.5mm jack on the new Note10? Why did Samsung pull all their ads about making fun of Apple for removed the 3.5mm jack from their phones?

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 12 Aug 2019Not true. Even Xiaomi phones were getting more frequent up... moreAndroid one updates were never pushed by google
Where di you get your information?

Plus it isn't dead
Android one just means it looks like stock android with no bloatware except for Google's bloat and fast updates that are not even that fast
They come 3 to 4 months after google releases them

  • Anonymous

Aslipundit, 12 Aug 2019Lg take my money!! 3.5 mm and expandable memory... screw sa... moreWhat a troll. S10 still has 3.5 mm and expandable memory.