LG G8X images show a bigger screen with a smaller notch, 3.5mm jack

12 August 2019
The LG G8 ThinQ used a wider notch with 3D face scanning tech and Crystal Sound OLED speaker, but the X model will reverse some of those choices.

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  • 12 Aug 2019

Props to LG for keeping the 3.5mm jack, the last of its kind. That disgusting notch needs to go though. Its been there for 3 generations

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    • 12 Aug 2019

    Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Despite the small notch, it looks way better than the "hole... moreCompetitor to s10? Yeah definitely.
    Competitor to note 10? Nah, not without stylus.

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      • 12 Aug 2019

      Kangal, 12 Aug 2019Not true. Even Xiaomi phones were getting more frequent up... moreAndroid One doesn't look so dead to me. They still have an official site that's up to date at least with the Xiaomi A3 which just came out, and my Android One phone gets regular Google updates.

        Lg take my money!! 3.5 mm and expandable memory... screw samsung.. s9 is my last Samsung phone...

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          • 12 Aug 2019

          Despite the small notch, it looks way better than the "hole" on Note 10. This will be a competitor if priced right. Moreover it has the essentials kept such as 3.5mm jack and microsd slot which attracts productive / power users which used to be ardent TRUE Note fans.

            Anonymous, 12 Aug 2019Android one is nothing spectacular Huawei phones were gett... moreNot true.
            Even Xiaomi phones were getting more frequent updates and longer too. The changelogs were always BS. Once you downloaded the OTA and inspected the update, it actually had zero improvements and features most of the time, it was made just to save face and look good, but not actually useful like the updates you see on OnePlus/Pixel phones.

            Besides, the AndroidOne program officially ended a few years ago. Updates are no longer made and pushed by Google. It is upto the OEM to send it, and some of them have done a poor job. The program is basically a shell to use Stock Android and a "pinky promise" to do updates.

            Unfortunately LG does not have the foresight and leadership to increase revenue by stealing marketshare from the likes of Samsung/Huawei, because they do not target the massive gap left in the industry of having a truly "pro-consumer" choice. Pixel's are a rip off, Huawei has poor support, and Samsung has poor durability. The days of a proper competition are behind us.

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              • 12 Aug 2019

              Hope they will get rid of notch and I will update my G6

                LG needs to bring back removable battery, but course, every OEM are in the business at keep on selling. If LG builds another near perfect phone like the V20, nobody will upgrade.

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                  • 12 Aug 2019

                  Love the Community, 12 Aug 2019I hope there's a LG G8X Android One version so Google can d... moreAndroid one is nothing spectacular
                  Huawei phones were getting updated faster than Android one phones
                  It's just that it comes with faster security updates and not slways

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                    • 12 Aug 2019

                    Notch is one of the ugliest trends there is and it should be gone.

                      Needs a 4,000mah battery minimum and a competitive price tag (around 750usd) and they can steal some customers from Samsung

                      Also interesting that they've already given up on that hand ID tech

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                        • 12 Aug 2019

                        I hope there's a LG G8X Android One version so Google can deploy on-time software updates on this phone rather than LG. I dunno how Android One works but I thought it's Google who does the updating.