Huawei's 5G modem is larger and less efficient than Qualcomm's, a teardown reveals

13 August 2019
Qualcomm's and Samsung's 5G chips are superior in almost every way.

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Because someone is lacking and losing ground but can't actually admits but to save faces for accusing others for stealing. U only live in century not forever.

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    • 15 Aug 2019

    Sonu4678, 14 Aug 2019Certainly, you're wrong. I'm sure they have adequate knowle... moreWell i wont argue.
    Truth is Balong 5000 by Huawei were first created for Mate 20 pro series.
    Huawei have lots of time ideas and money to improve.

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      • 14 Aug 2019

      aaronlee0712, 14 Aug 2019Meanwhile, me: Left hand coke, right hand popcorn, sitting... moreWith both hands seemingly occupied, how exactly are you managing to scroll?

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        • 14 Aug 2019

        Anonymous, 13 Aug 2019They asked Chinese manufacturing cause labor charge are che... moreYou think that microchip manufacturing is about labor costs, like manual labor, and that it takes a lot of people working with their arms and hands? You have no clue.

        Qualcomm cannot manufacture microchips. They are 100% dependent on other companies to do it for them, and they cannot simply choose the cheapest, they have to choose the best, or they will gain a reputation of selling broken fake chips.

          AnonD-731363, 13 Aug 2019Well funny and this review was made by someone who certainl... moreCertainly, you're wrong. I'm sure they have adequate knowledge to determine redundant modem on sd 855.

            Anonymous, 14 Aug 2019Even the companies you mentioned that were stolen from by H... moreYeah, of course. Just like this superior Huawei's 5G modem, right?
            Got it.

              Meanwhile, me:
              Left hand coke, right hand popcorn, sitting on my couch, scrolling through comments :)

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                • 14 Aug 2019

                Sonu4678, 13 Aug 2019Man, GSMArena community has become such a Huawei base that ... moreEven the companies you mentioned that were stolen from by Huawei are saying Huawei's tech is far advanced. Like Huawei CEO said "how can we stole something they don't have?", haha.

                  This article is stupid, larger because it has more supported networks is less efficient? Is it means RTX 2080 Ti which larger, support Cuda and Ray tracing is worse than Much smaller RX5700? or bigger SD855 with AI, better isp, etc is worse than P22 because it's larger? This is a darn silicon technology!! Without tearing / reverse engineering or benchmarking, while checking stability and power consumption you CANNOT telling a silicon inferior than other!! Be professional

                    because it doesn't balong to qualcomm

                      ZolaIII, 13 Aug 2019Sorry to disappoint you but Huawei whose the first one to d... moreI'm on the side of Huawei here. What im saying is even if Huawei was copying ideas from lets say Qualcomm, they would still have to come up with their own way of doing it or they would be sued out of every country they tried to enter.

                      Its like saying Google sucks because they made an OS that's similar to IOS even though it borrows nothing from it.

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                        • 14 Aug 2019

                        Tsito, 13 Aug 2019Agree with you, but actually some of Chinese copy products ... moreYes it is cheaper, but why? Do you know how hard chinese people should work to make you happy? And how much they earn compared to you?

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                          • 14 Aug 2019

                          Qualcomm and intel are the best.

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                            • 14 Aug 2019

                            Baykko, 13 Aug 2019People like you always chooses to ignore one little thing c... morea lot of people spreading lies and sings the US propaganda on Huawei. Reality is, the 5G things' software side, no one is any where near huawei in terms of the compression and transmission efficiency and stability, if they actually steal anything why we dont we see its many rivals get anywhere in terms of actually making a working 5G network that not only much faster than 4G and connect everything? simple logic isnt it? 5G is more about IOT not internet speed via the phone, it is about constant connection of ALL device include the phone. Constant connection and millimeter wave constantly attacks a person, is where the health issue came from, cause it has never been done to simulate its effects in mass deployment!

                              Baykko, 13 Aug 2019People like you always chooses to ignore one little thing c... moreSorry to disappoint you but Huawei whose the first one to develop the 5G modems & equipment it also has by far the biggest patent portfolio regarding it so now ask you self who is copying who.

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                                • 13 Aug 2019

                                Not surprising considering how much earlier the Balong came into the market.

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                                  • 13 Aug 2019

                                  Aditya Akash, 13 Aug 2019How is this ever relevant? Why does this prove? This articl... moreWell said, Sir

                                    Out of Control, 13 Aug 2019Your comment is irrelevant for this article. The fact is th... morePeople like you always chooses to ignore one little thing called patents. Huawei and no other company aiming to become global can simply steal technology without facing legal repercussion outside of their home country. Which means they may still steal an idea (for example Apples face unlocking) but they have to develop their own technology to build the same system.

                                    That is why developing such technology as 5G modem on their own and being among the firsts to release it in the world is still such a commendable accomplishment.

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                                      • 13 Aug 2019

                                      Balong 5000 supports 2G/3G/4G/5G and supports both standalone (SA) and non-standalone (NSA) network architectures for 5G. Qualcomm X50 only supports 5G and only supports NSA. X55 will support SA and NSA but the chip is not out yet. The comparison between Balong5000 and X50 does not make sense. Also, China will phase out NSA network starting next year. Any phone with X50 in China will have a tough sell.

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                                        • 13 Aug 2019

                                        Anonymous, 13 Aug 2019All are copying even USAgree with you, but actually some of Chinese copy products are better and much cheaper than original one so we consumer benefit from that, which is good for us. I don't really care about the brand and product of which country