Apple responds to iPhone battery replacement controversy

14 August 2019
The company says it takes your safety very seriously and wants to make sure any battery swap is done properly.

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Oh god I really hope Samsung doesn't follow this trend... just like how they follow Apple in removing the headphone jack, microSD card slot, put in FullHD+ resolution and charging $1000 for GNote 10 ._.

Apple is and always being Bs

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019when bought a car, actually, bought the fuel, spare parts, ... moreEsim is the future and you can't complain about it
Nothing wrong with removing the sim card bs

Showing up this message notification for eternal is a mess.
No matter what's the excuse.

The biggest BS is that since a microcontroller whose only purpose is to authenticate the battery wasn't initialized by an authorized technician, battery health info is unavailable. Complete BS. I bet you a LiePhone that if a technician initialize a knockoff battery without knowing it was a counterfeit, the OS wouldn't care and treat the copycat as a legit battery and offer battery health info. Also every other system in the world do not check for battery authenticity and can still provide battery health info

  • Anonymous

Want to use Iphone dont complain .

just summarized to : you don't own an iPhone and Apple just want more of your money

  • Ray

Yes, its clear why they do it, is called money $$$. Pay our premium prices or there you have your reminder notification forever. But i believe that this is only the first step. Like in other of their products sooner than later they'll choose from what model iPhone start to brick thems after an "unauthorized repair" and that's all.

So be ready to the day they'll brick the "unauthorized phones". It's coming.

  • karoko

alterbridg3, 15 Aug 2019Every one knows why apple does this, it has nothing to do w... moreExactly. $$$$$$ lol

  • Anonymous

when bought a car, actually, bought the fuel, spare parts, changing oils, and pay taxes

when bought printer, actually, bought ink, print head, and spare parts

when bought iphone, apple computers wants its customers to change to new models annually with more expensive price, so they build the phones empty ... no memory card, use the cloud, no user removable battery, go to authorised service centre ... no 3.5mm jack, use bluetooth ... later on, no sim card, use eSIM like those cdma phones

phones used to last longer with user removable battery ... in which, big brothers having difficulty to control, because user has the power to unplug the battery

  • RikuTheBoy

Is This Service In US Only? If So,How Can Bangladeshi People Get This Service? That's Really A Matter Of Tention.

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2019isnt it just dont show the information about battery health... moreYep, but you know narrative and clicks its a killer combo.

Every one knows why apple does this, it has nothing to do with safety.

  • Anonymous

isnt it just dont show the information about battery health , but still works like normal ?

whats problem with that?

  • Anonymous

time to stop buying and using iphone. too much monopoly even a tiny bit of every users can do.