A 30W wireless charger from Huawei goes through FCC

15 August 2019
It's probably designated for the upcoming Mate 30-series.

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It's faster than the OnePlus dash charger which is 20 w

Huawei always has to one-up it's competitors. Samsung put 25w default wired charging, so Huawei came up with 25w wireless charging. I'm sure their wired charging will be higher than Sammy's 45w optional charging too (it was already 40w in Mate 20 Pro, so perhaps 50-55w charging).

Well thats nice.
Problem is if you wanna buy extra charger in shops only 1 or 2 or 2,1 or 2,4A are available to buy.
Dunno why.

25W is plenty good enough dear Huawei. The 30W couldn't meet requirement so don't hype it too much.

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I'm getting it.

25w or 30w its still pretty fast, it was some others have in the normal charge speed.