These Nokia phones will get Android 10, Nokia 8 is missing from the roadmap

22 August 2019
Nokia smartphones will start receiving Android 10 from Q4.

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  • dhruv

what is this, no android 10 on a flagship??

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019It can't be Ips and Oled What do you mean? I said that the Nokia 8's IPS LCD is as bright as OLED.

  • borg143

I just purchased Nokia 8. 😭

  • Correction

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019What about 6.1(plus) and 2.1Nokia 2.1 Q2 2020
Nokia 6.1 Plus Q1 2020, maybe early as January cause line in the picture is between Q4 2019 & Q1 2020.

  • Anonymous

What about 6.1(plus) and 2.1

  • Anonymous

I'm happy on my Nokia 6.. Nokia FTW!!

Faheem, 23 Aug 2019Nokia 1 from 8.1 to 10? seriously? hats off Nokia. No other bra... moreKnowing what happened to Nokia 2, it can be said that by 2020, Nokia 1 will be removed from that roadmap.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019Nokia 8. The most underrated/neglected flagship ever?I do not know what to say about that. Mine is up to date. As for underated... for sure.

  • Anonymous

Nokia 8. The most underrated/neglected flagship ever?

  • Anonymous

what about nokia plus ??

  • Anonymous

Love the Community, 23 Aug 2019Nokia 8 was their iconic flagship. This phone has three or four ... moreIt can't be Ips and Oled

  • Anonymous

Kelly George, 24 Aug 2019Hey @GSMArena you guys made me nervous because the Nokia 7 plus(... moreBut its there. In q1 2020

Not really surprised with the 8 since it's not an Android One phone. But nevertheless, it's great to see Nokia commitment about software updates and security patches, which is a rarity in the world of Android.

Hey @GSMArena you guys made me nervous because the Nokia 7 plus(that I just bought knowing that it'll get android 10) is not included in your written article although its supposed to be there with the 6.1 and 6.1 plus as seen in the pictures that I saw late

Over the course of the time they will add more and more phones to update to android 10.

  • Bewildered

Thom, 23 Aug 2019Ivan and GSMArena, thank you so much for mentioning the missing ... moreAfaik these features are straight out of the ios playbook

Cosmetic at best and appear to be focussed on the Social Network experience

The biggest feature is "Dark Mode" so yes frustrating as an previous flagship, (out of date release October 2017) nothing that improves user experience

I would be sold to Nokia, if they release a flagship like nokia 10 pureview, with android 10 on board, snapdragon 865, 12 gb ram, 108 mpx main camera, 16 mpx ultraview camera, 12 mpx periscope camera, zeiss optics lens, ufs 3.0 storage.

  • Anonymous

Ronnie , 23 Aug 2019I'm not seeing Nokia 6.1plus(x6)/7/& 4.2 on the list. Or I d... moreThey're both on there - look again

Nokia 8 was their iconic flagship. This phone has three or four microphones a la Nokia OZO, cheapest Snapdragon 835 phone of 2017, best speaker on a phone, best IPS LCD on a phone that is as bright as OLED and 1440p.

They also proved that Series 6000 Aluminum is not a bendable metal and it's Apple's fault for thinning the metal enough to cause Bendgate.

I wish Nokia 8.2 or 8.3 would delegate back to flagship killer (budget flagship) status.

  • Ronnie

I'm not seeing Nokia 6.1plus(x6)/7/& 4.2 on the list. Or I didn't look properly??