Android Q to be called Android 10 as Google abandons dessert-based names

22 August 2019
Also introduces a new wordmark and logo for the Android brand.

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Should be Android 1Q

  • ali

what if we google pronounce it as (Android10) A10, A11 and so on..

  • wyrma

"This is being done to make the names more accessible across more markets, as previously not everyone was familiar with the names that Google chose."
people who couldn't understand engrisho made a fuss despite the software programmed in english anyway. el goog shld go ahead and remove the Q itself then.

O S, 25 Aug 2019Quindim is a sweet dessert. moreah nice, looks yummy

My first personal Android device was since 2.2/2.3 Gingerbread / Sony Xperia Active ST

Fayth, 23 Aug 2019maybe because Quiche is not sweet?Quindim is a sweet dessert.
I will always call it Android 10 Quindim.

Foxtrot2Novmbr, 24 Aug 2019So why did google changed the name of the next android to 1... moreEven the android did nnot started with A letter,
And even adroid had many versions like 4.1 jelly bean and 4.4 kit kat etc.
By the way Android same as Microsoft windows both are US company and for next cooperation there is a possibility that android 10 will be last android.
From this same like windows just install new updates and patches but the 10 will remain.
THats my suggestion and what i believe could be possible and true.

CptPower, 24 Aug 2019Noone is copying IOS a user not friendly OS which restricts... moreSo why did google changed the name of the next android to 10 instead of a sweets? And how could it be 10 if the next letter from the alphabet is Q which is 15th?

  • Anonymous

Google switching D's from Dessert to Dragon ball (Android 16,17,18 in the future)

  • Ng

mean now all thing will start change with version 10,
hope samsung keep S11, Note11, not some weird like now A10, A20, A21

  • AnonD-819322

Lumina, 23 Aug 2019Most Galaxy S3 got stuck on Android 4.3 officially. Only th... moreThe 4G S3 (I9305) can get 4.4.4, I9300 is up to 4.3.

Now with Harmony OS comming Quiche and raspberry cake are gone.

Ashish., 22 Aug 2019A stupid move by Google, they are just trying to copy iPhon... moreNoone is copying IOS a user not friendly OS which restricts its users from almost anything and even IOS is a bad copy from

here are the short story.

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019Dessert names are funny (and delicious)! is it so difficult... moreWell they should use Quiche.
Which is an english meat in pastry.
Its like a cake made of beef vegetables and others kind of stuff.

Anders, 22 Aug 2019Googles transformation into Apple is nearly completeNo its apple which slowly transforming to google.
Apple always envy the google fan base and more free apps.
Even developers likes google much more for being user friendly OS where is no judge who deciding you can have or cant have an app here and takes 100 from you every annum.

  • i

thank god it was about time, kinda was lame for some time now.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anders, 22 Aug 2019Googles transformation into Apple is nearly completeFirst they became evil, then skynet and now worst of all a Apple! O3O

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

But but we will never get Android waffle?! ;-;

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Aug 2019Well, in some countries, most people don't even know what a... moreI feel conflicted, the alphabetical dessert naming scheme was different and unique. I don't even care if it's in alphabetical order, just keep naming new Android OS versions after sweets! Now it's like every other OS, which isn't necessarily bad, but it sure is boring. And what's so bad about an American company naming their software after American desserts? If you don't know what it is or how to pronounce it then Google it lol.

  • Anonymous

"Google is ditching the rest of the body of the robot and the head is the only part that will now be visible in branding," stop fat shaming Andy!