Android Q to be called Android 10 as Google abandons dessert-based names

22 August 2019
Also introduces a new wordmark and logo for the Android brand.

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  • Anonymous

They could have called it Queijadinha.

Love the Community, 22 Aug 2019That move is not an Apple move. It's called growing up. Man... moreWell said. These comment section need to grow up. I just wish the people here be more rational. The way I see it, the logo redesign and color changes are actually reasonable. The colors now more appealing for color blind people. The robot logo redesign appear more friendly for the people. Google taking psychological approach in decision making. Getting rid of alphabetical naming is a very needed move to grow up as a whole. Stop caging android into alphabetical dessert naming system. Not everyone knows what the name is. It has been specifically very western dessert naming. Android is global. Can't deny that.

  • Anonymous

That logo though.. Can they not find a proper designer?

  • Anonymous

Andy Rubin (founder of Android) is most likely disappointed in his heart that dessert based names has help to distinguish from it's competitor iOS which is discontinued :(

Does that really any important if that called Android Q or Android 10?

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019How about Quiche (one of my favourite dessert) maybe because Quiche is not sweet?

They ran out of dessert names!

  • Anonymous

Android Qyuqamba

  • Anna

Good move by Google to abandon naming and using numbering in future. They should follow Microsoft in one more thing. MS had kept Windows 10 as base and providing feature updates twice a year. There is really no need to change the version number every year. They can keep it same for 3-5 years and add updates with 10.1, 10.2...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019I see google growing up from the childish names, now we onl... moreAndroid users are all grown up, mind you.
Ever wonder why rich parents buy iPhones and iPads for their kids while they themselves prefer to use android phones and tablets? Well it's because majority of iOS users are kids that need to be protected by a walled garden: protected by a restrictive, suffocating operating system because they are too juvenile and childish they might get into serious problems and malware from the freedom and flexibility android can offer.

Great Move by Google, wonder what got them started in naming after ridiculous desserts and leading to confusion with regards to version. Using Just number -perfect and easy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Aug 2019I see google growing up from the childish names, now we onl... moreNo, I for one don't really want to join the elite club of iOS users. Thank you.

GAMIRSFM, 22 Aug 2019Ah, that is a low end, Very tiiiiny screen and really low PPI.Yeah, and it was slow even at that time hahaha
No selfie camera...
But that small guy has served me for years. And it survived numerous drops without shattering. I also still have screen protector on it, which means that till this day - the screen is as good as new, but the rest of the phone is scuffed and schratched... that thing cost me 100 Euros and I used it for 3 years and then my mother continued to use it for another year. It paid off definitley.

Cyberchum, 22 Aug 20194.4, jellybean? And here I was thinking that 4.4 was KitKat... moreMy bad lol, 4.3 xD

  • Anonymous

I see google growing up from the childish names, now we only need to wait android users to grow up, propably not going to happen?

  • Inverted snowhuouV

They are health conscious now. They are starting to use fruit and vegetable names instead.

  • Mike

Are they surprised by huawei new os and changing small small things to impress bored users.

Google, just admit that you can't come up with a dessert name starting with Q

  • Anonymous

Nick, 22 Aug 2019 I guess they've changed it because there's no dessert sta... moreHow about Quiche (one of my favourite dessert)

  • Lumina

AnonD-819322, 22 Aug 2019Why can't Android do what Windows did until 2007. Words e.g... moreWhy do you think Windows abandoned this naming scheme?
Because it was confusing as to which version was newer to the average consumer