Nokia 7.2 surfaces in more hands-on photos

23 August 2019
HMD is expected to announce the device at its IFA Berlin event.

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Nokia the late comer. This is their way, the so called better late than never.

  • Anna

Instead of that water drop notch on the front, they should have use thin bezel on top like Nokia PV 9.

  • AnonD-82756

why can they not focus on a budget, mid and a flagship handset per year instead of all these handsets and numbers that are just confusing and make it a ball ache for the consumer their portfolio is a mess.

Eww what an outdated phone

Sd710 and will be coming out in September of 2019 for whay? 400+? Disgustang Wtf

  • Anonymous

Hahaha hiding more than half of the chin on purpose XD That big chin is expensive $370-$400. Huge chin and bezels huge price. HMD logic.

  • Sri

Praying they keep the price below $300

  • zhr

waste of time

  • Anonymous

NUP still believes this uses 660 from the number 2048 revision 2 at benchmark. Can't wait to see at IFA. They should also release 8.2 or at least announce it.

  • AudoSchtalker

Sexy ,, I love Nokia so Much.