Check out these renders of the OnePlus 7T with a triple camera setup

24 August 2019
It's expected to go official next month alongside the 7T Pro and OnePlus TV.

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Visit Camera Island!It's beautiful

  • Anonymous

Make your devices finally smaller ffs

  • Anonymous

looks like moto fused with lumia xD
anyway, its curved and with notch so no buy

  • Anonymous

I m a one plus user since 3 n half yrs...
N m very happy being one,
Waiting for 7t to launch.....
Excited to own one...
Thank you one plus....
The best smart phones ever.....
All the best for the cuming versions.

Would they all just stop making big circular camera bumps?

  • 1+ limited edition

I'm more interested in special edition that 1 + releases a month after t version. Normally December time.

  • Ben 10

WOW they made a Ben 10 edition OnePlus 7? :O

  • Aleks

120 Hz on the Pro or it's a pass for me again!

Here we go.Like I said and I think you might agree,it's off to the races on who will have the best camera set up.Boring shit.I would never let the camera be the deciding factor for which PHONE I will purchase.

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 25 Aug 2019Believe it or not, such a device already is made. Look at ... moregreat ... finally ... a phone that can play cassette, vhs, built in toaster, led stove, car jump starter, and nuclear power on the human palm, what will fcc certification be? thanks for the info

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2019And a worse phone too.I wouldn't say worse because of the minor hardware upgrades. The OnePlus 7 is boring and uninspiring and not different and special like the OnePlus 6T.

  • Anonymous

Camera, 24 Aug 2019It better be a camera hardware upgrade, and not just design... moreIt'll probably have the same 48MP camera as the OnePlus 7 and two other cameras.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2019OnePlus 7 T'Orola!Onekia lol or NoPlus.

  • Anonymous

Galaxy Note 7, 24 Aug 2019Now that the regular OnePlus has caught up with the Pro in ... moreI don't think wireless is coming so don't get your hopes up. A bigger battery is a must and OnePlus better deliver.

  • Anonymous

Ugh! Why OnePlus?! Why couldn't you stick to a normal camera setup? I'm fine with both vertical and horizontal camera orientations, but not this circular camera design.

Whackcar, 25 Aug 2019While they stop selling previous gen phones on their offici... moreThat's hardly a fair comparison, as it's something outside of OnePlus'es control and is a limited time occurrence.

I think OnePlus moving from a "Base vs Pro" model could be coming to a close, as they move to emulate Samsung's "Smaller vs Plus" model style. Wether that happens early with the 7t, or happens later with the 8/8t, is where we disagree. Usually I agree with you, since OnePlus doesn't normally do a redesign with their "t-models" (eg OnePlus 3 vs 3t). But seeing them play with the camera configuration makes me think they are doing a redesign so this might be the time they experiment with their product stack.

Even still, I don't agree with OnePlus'es decision to differentiate the devices based on RAM/Storage options. For instance, what if I want the fastest phone, but don't want the larger size of the OnePlus 7 Pro? It's unnecessary/arbitrary and the consumers don't need such limitations of options.

Well, I guess we should wait for the announcement, then come back to this post to see who was right. I'm starting to think you will be (since OPO has a lousy track-record).

  • Anonymous

Round cameras looks shit.....

Kangal, 25 Aug 2019No, not at all. The OnePlus 7t Pro won't be competing agai... moreWhile they stop selling previous gen phones on their official store, you can still buy them from third-party stores. So yes, OnePlus 7/Pro will be available after the release of 7T/7T Pro. The same was also true for OnePlus 6 after the release of 6T last year.

Again, I'm fairly confident that the Non-Pro version won't get a proper triple camera setup just yet. SoC will be same, but RAM & Storage configurations will differ.

We might have to wait another year for Wireless charging, and even if it does make it this year, it will be exclusive to the Pro version (for now anyway).

These are all my predictions, let's wait and see how accurate they turn out.

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019by today obsolescence ... i wish my so called smartphone ..... moreBelieve it or not, such a device already is made.
Look at this ad by the Das company for their phone model Ex:

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Aug 2019by today obsolescence ... i wish my so called smartphone ..... moreThat wouldn't be a phone anymore.