Flashback: the Motorola ROKR E1 was a dud, but it paved the way for the iPhone

01 September 2019
The clunky UI annoyed Steve Jobs, the 100 song cap left consumers uninterested, the launch of the iPod nano annoyed Motorola's CEO.

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I should've waited for the Motorola RAZR V3i over the original V3.

abigfanoftechs, 01 Sep 2019It common practice with Apple to partnered up another company to... moreIt was called sleeping with the Enemy in them days,it's still the same these days,but done more discreetly I'm afraid !

It common practice with Apple to partnered up another company to make products. Then 'steal' idea/tech from the partnered company & go their own way.

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Kingslayer, 01 Sep 2019Not necessarily true. Nokia was #1 and sold ugly feature phones ... moreAll iPhones look the same if you think about the rounded corners. I like squarish corners like on my Sony Xperia SP.

I still keep my old Motorola E398 which had been flashed to E1 Rokr monsterpacks (custom ROMs in today's world) in hundred times. It was an awesome experience that day. What a nostalgic times!

No no! Nothing was the way for the iPhone! Apple invented everything themselves, and came with every single design and feature by themselves! Stop lying and saying something else was the way to give us the iPhone! Apple is the only reason everyone else evolved and came out with phones/tablets! Or something....

Baykko, 01 Sep 2019That looks like a too ugly phone compared to an IPod. Looks sell... moreNot necessarily true. Nokia was #1 and sold ugly feature phones for years. And the iPhone 6 is the best-selling iPhone ever and its design is ugly. Actually, Apple hasn't made a good phone design since the iPhone 5/5s.

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what a scam era !!!

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Seems like this blog is trying to find the answer to the question, what is the most revolutionary phone that influenced industry's evolution, in a way but ain't gettin any success doing it. Moto invented mobile, nokia made media phone real...apple tried/tricked moto to get industrial success, but more than anything it took clue from, the failures of industry. the correct answer to the decades long question would be O2 xda exec, it wasn't any successful at doing business but O2 made it as they wanted to convince the first 3G phone, HTC designed its mother board along with qualcommon, Intel also wanted a piece of cake along with microsoft. But non the less apple never mentions their exact target so. Here we are.

WoW !! Beautiful phone this was.
Today at $250 I bough the new Moto One Vision, yes the world has changed a lot.

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Nicolas Cage, 01 Sep 2019Pay the GhostNah

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But my old rokr speakers much better than my iphone.
Motorola set quality so high, no phone pass rokr deep bass

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Pay the Ghost

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I cant see the picture cause im having a screen issue on my phone, but I can still type words,
im glad to know that you are doing fine and hopefully you can moved on, its ok God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

That looks like a too ugly phone compared to an IPod. Looks sell a lot, that's one of the reasons IPhone succeeded, it was so pretty compared to all the feature phones out there.