LG Q70 is the company’s first phone with Hole-In-Display

30 August 2019
The phone will make an appearance at IFA 2019 and will cost about $450.

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One The first phone from LG to sport SD6** series chipset. Great specs indeed. Hope to see this launch in India for around 20000INR

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    • efty
    • 80Q
    • 02 Sep 2019

    As goodly, Q series was compact. what is about 6.4 screen now

      Hopefully this phone come US The specs look pretty convincing for me slap a Pixel 3a for$399 and I'll buy

        nst2018, 31 Aug 2019again an ugly phone from lg.You are so jealous & blind ??? Its look almost the same with other phone out there

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          • metoo
          • IB0
          • 31 Aug 2019

          Ugly? It literally looks the same as most of the phones out there. for $450.00 you should be getting 8g ram and 128g internal? This things is IP68 certified. I would pay extra for just that alone but it also has a quad dac and a four camera setup. This phone offers a lot, especially if audio is your thing.
          People are so critical of LG and I don't get it.

            Hey, having IP68 rating, 32-bit Quad DAC audio, DTS:X 3D Stereo Sound, military-grade sturdiness is more important than bezels, punch-holes and everything. You guys are the reason why Quad DACs, DTS:X doesn't exist on the likes of Samsung, Apple and the rest. You made the most important audio features useless alongside it.

              again an ugly phone from lg.

                This price should be 128G/8G

                  Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019He isn't an indian. If he was an indian he would say redmi ... moreImagine thinking a Chinese budget phone has better construction than an IP68 and military certification phone. Probably you never had a phone with those specs

                    Obviously nobody will buy it for 410€ (I mean you buy LG G8 for like 460€ with no special deal, only a fool would go for Q70 for that price), but since it's LG we can expect its price to drop to around 250€ by November, after which it will definitely be an interesting choice for people who value peak craftsmanship (people who say Xiaomi is even close to LG's build quality need to wake up - look at how many Xiaomi phones support MIL-spec or even IP rating - exactly ZERO, because Xiaomi is just unable to craft their phones with such intense build quality that would pass the IP testing - same for most other chinese brands) and extra features over raw power.

                    I mean, if you're not playing the newest games at highest details, the real-life difference between SD675 and SD855 is almost negligible for stuff like web browsing and overall orientation in the system.

                      Doesn't look bad when you disregard the price but that will anyway go down.

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                        • arvind chitale
                        • uu%
                        • 30 Aug 2019

                        Never buy Huawei phone . I have one but its for security concern, I have stopped using f it and using old Lg. China made mobiles transfer all your data to China Govt. for sure. Always avoid. Will replace it with one new Lg Q series

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                          • Anonymous
                          • J7R
                          • 30 Aug 2019

                          Mate 20 pro now selling at the price, and oneplus 7, mi 9, etc..

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                            • Doom
                            • IV5
                            • 30 Aug 2019

                            Another day, another LG phone, another disappointment. For this price, might as well Huawei Mate 20.

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                              • XFU
                              • 30 Aug 2019

                              Ronak , 30 Aug 2019Yes but when this only oneplus phones get damaged by water ... moreIt's the same with other phones with ip68

                                For such a cpu no chance compared to Chinese oems

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                                  • Mathi
                                  • 3SL
                                  • 30 Aug 2019

                                  Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019I still refuse to buy any phone with a punch hole or notch.... moreI feel you. Please no more notches or punch holes.

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                                    • 3Jn
                                    • 30 Aug 2019

                                    Anonymous, 30 Aug 2019Why you refuse to use a phone with a notch?For a start.....It's a distraction (I'm talking from my own personal point of view here) and SCREAMS out that some technology (E.g iPhone X) Is not ready, hence the reason for the notch. Nah, no, wanna, no likey :(

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                                      • Don
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                                      • 30 Aug 2019

                                      Sathish, 30 Aug 2019What? You want phone with IP68, military grade build, quad ... moreI don't want nothing that. If Chinese wants to put that inside they will,even for 200€.One LG can't compare with Chinese companies and their money.

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                                        • 30 Aug 2019

                                        End, 30 Aug 2019Lol LG Q70 IP68, Military sturdiness, QUAD DAC DTS-X 3D ste... moreYeah, this is a lot below that... This has a 675 which is processor found in 200 dollars phones. It's most likely something that came out of vivos factory with an ips display. All of did was made it ip certified and added quad DAC and doubled the price