Sony Xperia 2 leaked renders show the phone from multiple angles

31 August 2019
It's expected to go official next week at IFA 2019.

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  • Muhammed

The price decide everything for this phone,

  • Postal

indlvarn, 31 Aug 2019It basically the same phone as Xperia 1. I don't know what ... moreIt's a "compact" version of Xperia 1 with different shell size, screen and camera setup. Camera is the sole thing that will be or should be better than Xperia 1. Supposedly all three sensors come from Sony now and these three sensors could find it's way into Xperia 1 5G variation. Colors are also uglier. Who ever told them to drop the petroleum green for almost black blue has no clue what they are doing.

  • Anonymous

From a big remote control to a small remote control lol. Fkkk Sony, bring back a phone with 18:9 aspect ratio. Xz3 was the best design in years. These 21:9 phones with bezels are so akward

beautiful device from Sony, as always

  • Anonymous

I have a hard time understanding who even buys Sony anymore. Their TVs are decent according to some, personally had Samsungs and LGs.

If their smartphone department isn't making failures one after another, they're too busy overpricing and releasing the next flagships..

Well i dont see a difference between 1 and 2 model.
Also i dont understand Sony what is this company trying to accmplish by making sinmmilar device like previous one.
Also i dont see a point making a bulky remote controler which is far more taller than most other phones.
Finaly i would like to reminder anything beyound FHD screen is just matter of money because on the whole world there is no person who can spot any difference between FHD or 1080p 6 inch screen and 2K or 4K which Sony usualy makes.
To me is good only for battery drainage but thats it.

Exyvia, 31 Aug 2019This should be much easier to be used one handed, since the... morejust to make things clear, I use my phone mainly for:
1. Reading (srsly larger screen doesn't make me read faster than smaller one lol)
2. Gaming (coz 21:9 is battery hungry, 16:9 is perfect, 18:9 is acceptable)
3. Communicating (obviously)
I'm not watching stuff so 21:9 is a no for me unless it can shave the bezel so it being more compact. 18:9 with small bezel is ok tho.
maybe XZs is my last Xperia if there are no following Compact

It basically the same phone as Xperia 1. I don't know what is a market strategy behind this.

Is it a minor change?

Faheem, 31 Aug 2019I dont get why Sony releases a flagship in every 6 months? ... moreLike Samsung with their Note and Galaxy or Huawei with their P and Mate, this phone is not the meant to replace the 1, it'll replace the XZ3 which is already a year old.

  • Anonymous

A battery that still can't see past or even reach 4000mAh, a camera that underperforms the competitors despite the pioneer in developing better sensor units , higher price tags always. Now removing the 3.5mm jack and yet they are keeping a larger bezel.???

It looks like it has curved edges and that would make sense being the successor of the XZ3.

I dont get why Sony releases a flagship in every 6 months? no proper research. no proper software optimisation, very bad

  • Anonymous

PUBG LOVER, 31 Aug 2019It seems a motorized camera dude. Look again Its the speaker grill on the bottom. By the way you need an additional motorized front camera on top of the one provided in the front bezels up top as well?

  • Adam

So, nothing changed? It's just a slightly less Xperia 1? Wow sony, just wow. I used to be a huge Sony fan. But look how far you've fallen. Almost getting a HTC vibe here.. Sad..

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019That speaker grille is a nice design touch.It seems a motorized camera dude.

asaima, 31 Aug 2019the top bezel is abit more larger than the bottom also wil... moreThis should be much easier to be used one handed, since the Xperia 1 was also usable with one hand - from the 21:9. Might be compact enough for you, just try when it comes out in displays.

typical Japanese design: all required elements in the most (per their point of view...) apropriate locations, exactly that much ram as needed for a regular user, exactly that much camera hardware as required by the regular user, aso, aso.

the dxomark review? besides the fact it seems the unit they tested an older not updated one, considering the usual parameters considered, again, by the Japanese designers for a properly processed image, nothing that cannot be cured with some software updates. most likely the photo software will be mostly within the same parameters, with a few improvements and extensions (a night mode?) as resulted from criticism. but, considering the typical Japanese conservative approach, I do not expect anything spectacular, just another serious, reliable, relatively old school device.

  • AnonD-794992

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2019That speaker grille is a nice design touch.But very fragile i think.

  • AnonD-794992

notafanboy, 31 Aug 201921:9 is not for me, I wish Sony would still make 18:9 phonesI wish also,
Can you imagine xz premium with the same size but 18:9 ratio?
Its sad knowing that never gonna happen