Huawei Y9 (2019) sells in 10 million units just in China

03 September 2019
The phone is better known at home as Huawei Enjoy 9 Plus.

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  • Zac

...hmmm... most of the comments sounded bitter if not butthurt..not intended to create any kind of wars unnecessarily here because Im fully aware how's Chinese doing their businesses..But I will be pleased to read all comments if its based on factual and actual scenarios. Its true Chinese techs used to be unreliable, awkward, and lacks RnD hence the terms ' Chinese copies, trash,no gred' stuff that suggest that one buy it and use temporarily, never meant to be kept because of the quality. Still remember my friends try not to be caught using made in China mobiles. ..but I can see their learnt their lesson,and learn well.

  • AnonD-885262

In China a city with less than 3 million inhabitants is called a village in europe a metropolis.. it's a numbers game if a country has almost 2 billion citizens

Have you ever been in China. Well, go there to the best mall you find and then try to find a shop for non chinese brands.

It is very difficult to find any sony, samsung, nokia, lg, lenovo (even though is chinese)...

And then, you can't simply buy a phone and say, I would like to run (you name the app), it probably will not install.

So, the chinese user can find hundreds of those ultra cheap plasticky phones (redmi, oppo, cheap huaweis), that will last around 6 months... So, in a closed market of 1400 million people, sure you can make those figures. They cannot buy anything else. Period.

  • Anonymous

rr, 03 Sep 2019Yeah right in just 4msIn 1 year

  • rr

Yeah right in just 4ms