Exynos 980 is Samsung’s first 5G-integrated mobile chipset

04 September 2019
It is based on the 8nm FiNFET process and the integration of the 5G modem should lower power consumption.

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This is for midrange phones like A72 5G. Not flagship,so don t start hating on it already.

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Huawei= you can copy me but dont make it obvious

Samsung= *_*

AverageUser, 05 Sep 2019This is for midrange smartphones.It seem like we need more comment like this to tell all the complainers it is for MIDRANGE PHONE! Don't expect any flagship level integration here. Samsung will eventually trickle down 5G to their lower mid-range and budget phone and probably be the first in the market to do so the fastest. If you complaining about 5G don't exist in your place, well sorry for you. It exist in Samsung homeland at a level you can't even imagine. Samsung literally don't even sell LTE version of their flagship in Korea. 5G only. Same way how people still complain their area only have 3G but still have to buy the 4G phone anyway because that's the norm regardless. Ok bye.

This is for midrange smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2019But still uses Snapdragon for US variants... Samsung Logic..Some US carriers still require CDMA-network support of their hardware vendors. Samsung's 5G modem doesn't support that, so Qualcomm is a necessary evil.

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Is This for notebooks or phones???

CptPower, 04 Sep 2019Fun fact: New CPU by Samsung but even a latest flagship is ... moreThis is for mid-rangers, smartass.

Fun fact: New CPU by Samsung but even a latest flagship is sold with OLD CPU and was released just 2 weeks ago.
Thats Sad having new CPU but no device so users can test and try it.

ZolaIII, 04 Sep 2019Still disappointing. The now older G76 MALI, no RAM control... moreIt is for A and M series, for budget phones. They will need 5G too.

So they remove a digit for midrange chipsets...but it makes me wonder what they'll call something in this segment 2 years later.

Still disappointing. The now older G76 MALI, no RAM controller improvement... Only light point are Cortex A77's but considering how big they are it hopefully won't end badly as this is still 10 nm third gen (UHD) FinFET & those cry for second gen 7nm EUV even from Samsung. It will have some adoption in EU as it is first midrange SoC with integrated 5G.

Kevin T, 04 Sep 2019I will never understand Just integrate 4 Cortex A 77 with ... moreAs you already said you won't ever understand it so why bother? For what do you need 4 big cores? Nothing at all! They are useful for switching heavy tasks but no one plays two games at the same time. A77 is so big and power hungry that you probably won't see four of those even on "flagship" SoC's or it will throttle as hell.

That My Friends, Looks like the SOC for premium A Series.

A midrange chipset with 5G capabilities? Very interesting...however, the GPU will already be outdated when it releases. G77 will be far better to replace G76.

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These days mid range chips are closer to flagship ones than ever before. Optimization and software really matter more than the specs of a chip nowadays.

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Samsung finally making decent middle range stuff
St least the GPU is not as weak

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But still uses Snapdragon for US variants... Samsung Logic..

I will never understand
Just integrate 4 Cortex A 77 with 4 Cortex A 55 cores
you get a flagship SOC
I know naive to say that way as it has many complexities involved in it
How difficult is it for Soc makers to do it

I have always said we lack competition in Soc market
cause in other markets what is possible is reality

Good competition will only enable cutting edge technology
I want to see more competitors in SOC business

Mr. Anonymous, 04 Sep 2019Looks like a SoC for next year samsung sub-flagship phones.Exynos 980 could be used in Samsung Galaxy A81.

I think its a good idea from Samsung.
Latest ARM chip design + 5G.