Motorola One Zoom unveiled with 48MP and 3x tele camera, 6.4" OLED screen

05 September 2019
It's like a Moto Z4 with extra cameras, including an ultra wide and a depth sensor. The One Zoom is an Android One phone.

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Socalteknique, 05 Sep 2019It looked great until "Snapdragon 675".Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL uses lower chipset than this Motorola, yet no one complain. Fanboyism much?

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Since Moto only promises 2 major upgtades this will only last about a year, receiving android 10 and 11.

I don't know why , but I'm interested of it

The pricing would make more sense if it was under the Android One Program. Otherwise, I won't compare it to Xiaomi, Realme, Oneplus etc. Users harping about those brands should just buy them and be happy.

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Nuwa, 06 Sep 2019Is this one the Amazon - Alexa version? Maybe you should ad... moreI had the Amazon edition of the Moto Z3 play and never had any problems with lag. The bloatware you mentioned is just a few apps and Alexa integration you can easily disable. To me, it's worth the $50 or so you save.

I so love to see a modular version of the One Zoom. It shares nearly the same hardware as the Z4 albeit the camera, so that would be wicked.

  • Nuwa

Is this one the Amazon - Alexa version? Maybe you should add to the reviews the lag that Amazon bloatware and adds or other form of bloatware cause to the phones that have it installed, the money you pay in data from unwanted adds monthly, etc...

Where are the stereo speakers for a premium phone? Anyways, is a mid-range phone. I clearly prefer a 1-2 years old flagship at that price. It will have more capable SoC plus all the features this one have and more. The updates from Motorola aren't so frequent today too. It is an interesting phone, but not for its price.

It is as in the saying: "Although the monkey dresses in silk, monkey stays." At least, we now are sure of what Motorola is, Lenovorola, the new mid-range brand with premium prices.

Advice me when it drops to 289 euros, then it'll be ok. Although after a year it'll even older against new alternatives more capable and with better value/price.


400 EU for an SD 675? I don't think so :P

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019This pricing is a joke right ?!?!? No gorilla glass in fron... moreFor 400 euro you could get Mi 9T Pro with SD855, 6gb+64gb version.
If you shell another 50 euro at 450 euro you could get the 6gb+128gb version.

  • Minus

OnePlus price, with worse cpu. Pass

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r31ya, 06 Sep 2019It was perfect, SD675, 4gb ram, 128gb, wide angle+Tele, 400... moreYeah. Even at 300 Euro this would be overpriced. Xiaomi and Huawei rule the midrange. Motorola could too, but their greed is slowly killing them (and their crappy software updaty service)

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This pricing is a joke right ?!?!? No gorilla glass in front, 4 gb ram and a snapdragon 675 for 400 Euro ?!?! For 140 !! Euro less I can get the Mi 9t with 6 gb and a Snapdragon 730 and notchless 6.4 amoled

With 64mp and 108mp incoming there is no excitement from 48mp for me. Only if they would use unique hw like Huawei or Sony.

So one can get a oneplus 7 for the same pricing and the winner seems obvious. I need the weed the guys at motorola are smoking

r31ya, 06 Sep 2019It was perfect, SD675, 4gb ram, 128gb, wide angle+Tele, 400... moreBro quality.
. I assure you overall user experience n quality what u get with Motorola.. Nor Xiamoi neither RealMe give u. Let it been $100 more costlier

It was perfect, SD675, 4gb ram, 128gb, wide angle+Tele, 4000mAh batterry, splasproffing to survive rain, and 3.5mm jack.
Well until i saw the pricing Euro 400...

It may be a normal price ages ago, but in Xiaomi and RealMe era, thats damn touch or around a hundred euro too pricy.

  • Sebstin

Wish it comes with mini version too.. (5-5.5" form factor)..

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Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019Dual sim and micro sd slot? Thank you MotoHey, there's nothing about this on their website

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Dual sim and micro sd slot? Thank you Moto

Decent phone but that awkwardly placed speaker and notch is a deal breaker for me. Just hoping Motorola doesn't messes the G8 Plus with bad choices like placing the speaker on top.