Motorola One Zoom unveiled with 48MP and 3x tele camera, 6.4" OLED screen

05 September 2019
It's like a Moto Z4 with extra cameras, including an ultra wide and a depth sensor. The One Zoom is an Android One phone.

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Finally a decent Chinese midrange without a horrible ui..pheew

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    • Socalteknique
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    • 05 Sep 2019

    It looked great until "Snapdragon 675".

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      • Latvis
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      • 05 Sep 2019

      I see some interesting (quite balanced) phones pop-up (including this), but still I refuse to buy any smartphone if its not have at least 5000mAh battery. Keep in mind, that battery performance will start to decrease from day 1. It will be slow, slow, but for example I'm on 182 charge on my Lenovo P2 and I can see that battery life decreased from on average 5 days to 4 days.
      So for me - big battery is must have since they stopped to make user changable batteries.

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        • 05 Sep 2019

        They forgot to mention the glowing logo!
        A decent sounding midrange phone though. Curious to see how they market it vs the G8/plus. Obviously the camera is the main difference, maybe along with the notch vs cut out. But price wise and other features? If the G8 plus is similarly priced, would people just go for this for the better camera?
        Good colour choices too.

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          • 05 Sep 2019

          Kangal, 05 Sep 2019Oh man, are you in for a rude shock with that expensive iPh... moreNo it's very slow compared to Moto very own standards

          They bundled a 15W charger way back with Motorola G4 Turbo edition in 2015!!!

          After all these years only 15w?

            minku, 05 Sep 201915w charger? too slow.. Not really. All Samsung flagships came with 15W charging until the latest Note 10. It's not rapid, but gets the job done for most users. The 4000 mAh battery & 1080p resolution further ensure good battery life, so the combination will work out fine for the majority.

              This is actually not bad. You got versatility in camera, smooth performance, probably fantastic battery life, and a pretty big screen with a small notch and chin. The only downside is price, but in the US, that might not be a shortcoming.

                minku, 05 Sep 201915w charger? too slow.. Oh man, are you in for a rude shock with that expensive iPhone XS Max :\

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                  • 05 Sep 2019

                  15w charger? too slow..

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                    • 05 Sep 2019

                    Well theses looks perfect.
                    That Mavue color is outstanding.