Kirin 990 unveiled, built on the 7nm+ process and features integrated 5G modem

06 September 2019
The new Kirin 990 is more powerful and more efficient than the competition.

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why gsm put the 990 chipset on top of p30? the spec of p30 comes with 980 stop confusing damnit

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Baykko, 08 Sep 2019This chip must have been in development at least one year, ... moreActually at anandtech they supposedly claimed that clock speeds passed 2.2ghz were not properly attainable or sustainable. Supposedly

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yitzy, 10 Sep 2019what about Snapdragon 855+ or Exynos 9825?What about them? It's overall more powerful and efficient than them.
The 855+ will have about 9% graphical lead as its only advantage.

what about Snapdragon 855+ or Exynos 9825?

Vahn, 09 Sep 2019Im not really sure whats the purpose of making a non-5G mod... moreOr they can sell 5G even in countries without 5G for future proofing

ProJames-CHM, 08 Sep 2019"Unrivaled superiority". Sure. Compared to the K970. The... moreI am sorry but I fail to see a Kirin 981.

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I think most user here only worry about benchmark more than anything else.
990 might not be as fast as the next gen SD or Exynos, but definitely the lower consumption and 5G is much welcome, especially for company like Huawei which supplies 5G equipment to telco.

LG Superfan, 07 Sep 2019Improvement over SD855 is small for 5G variant so dont even... moreIm not really sure whats the purpose of making a non-5G model. I think the non-5G models are sold globally and the 5G version is sold to 5G enabled countries

What a rubbish pile if chipset. Instead of making more bigger and more powerful, they reducing its size and making as powerful as 855. My gosh, SD 865 with next exynos, as usual, will destroy this peace of garbage and as usual, Huawei phone owners will have inferior devices than competition. Good luck guys buying overpriced Huawei junk :)

Baykko, 08 Sep 2019Isn't that the same buzzword that both Samsung and Qualcomm... moreYou need to learn more about the SD855, E9820, SD845 and E9810. They have more than buzzword changes, like new cores, new GPUs, new DSP, truly new node...

And no it's not just because Huawei. See my comment here:

Baykko, 08 Sep 2019If Huawei is late it would be 6 months which is done on pur... more"Unrivaled superiority".

Sure. Compared to the K970. The K980 was already behind the SD855 and E9820. This K981 right here doesn't stand a chance against the SD855, let alone the next one.

14nm chipsets:
30- Kirin 950 (slowest)
29- Kirin 955
28- Helio P60
27- Helio P70
18- Exynos 8890
17- Kirin 960
16- Helio P90

10nm chipsets:
15- Helio X30
13- Exynos 8895
12- Kirin 970
11- QSD 835
10- Exynos 9810
9 -- QSD 845
6 -- Exynos 9820

7nm chipsets:
5 -- Exynos 9825
4 -- Kirin 980
3 -- Kirin 990
2 -- QSD 855
1 -- QSD 855 Plus (fastest)

I hope we get proper improvements for 2020 from Samsung, MediaTek, and Qualcomm. Even if they're using regular 7nm-FF. Just as long as they include the latest architecture improvements from Cortex A77 and Mali G77. The market really needs to catch up to the innovation by Apple, it's been too long. I think we're overdue for a better "small core" to upgrade from the Cortex A53/A55 as well. So maybe that in itself will be a major upgrade announcement in the form of a "New Cortex A59" which might be released in late 2021 with a "New Cortex A79" and much better graphics from "New Mali G79", possibly built on a new 5nm-EUV lithography. We might be able to eek out another +50% performance whilst reducing the battery drain by another +5%... well, that's the hope anyway.

*only included the Flagship SoC's, not including the new High-end chipsets (eg QSD 730, Kirin 810, etc etc).

This chip must have been in development at least one year, Huawei obviously used the A77 and G77 cores because those were just released. so adapting the technology to their already on progress research would have delayed a lot the release of this cheap.

So many experts here yet they think developing such a piece of technology Is something than can be done overnight.

ProJames-CHM, 06 Sep 2019Yep. A bit improved process, AI NPU and integrated 5G NSA (... moreIsn't that the same buzzword that both Samsung and Qualcomm will use when speaking about their next chips. I don't see anyone doing anything revolutionary, they all improve power and efficiency, they all claim to perform better than the other, but it is Huawei talking shit because it is Huawei doing it.

Asphalt-nation, 06 Sep 2019You don't understand This CPU is great, and it's a perfect... moreIf Huawei is late it would be 6 months which is done on purpose. They don't release their chipsets alongside the new SD because they want they chip to have a period of unrivaled superiority.

I don't get people like you speaking like the chip burns and becomes garbage when the next chip is released even though those benchmarks you like so much show their performances are very close and they very much have more power than any user can demand of them right now.

Whackcar, 06 Sep 2019For the next year or so, most companies will launch two ver... moreThere is more difference between the two than just 5G and next year should be the year of 5G with all flagships having 5G

Vahn, 06 Sep 2019Try looking at the photos again especially the comparison o... moreImprovement over SD855 is small for 5G variant so dont even think about 4G one its more like a rebranded Kirin 980 and imo next year all flagships should be 5G

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Asphalt-nation, 06 Sep 2019You don't understand This CPU is great, and it's a perfect... moreYou should compare phone which have near release date. Such as Mate, iPhone, and Note series. New Snapdragon flagship phone will release about 6 month later and it's not fair. If u comapring 6 month different release phone is the same as new SD865 will be compared also with 6 month later phone such as iPhone XII anda Mate 50.

To be honest, the wrong move by Samsung on releaseing Note is the absent of SD855+. As u know that Qualcomm released SD855+ is to compete with new iPhone and Mate series.

As for comparation is the Huawei makes the different between P and Mate series is the Mate series always has the newer SoC than P series. So it has better speed. Not like Samsung which S series has same SoC with Note series.

  • Gusta

Asphalt-nation, 06 Sep 2019Then in 2 months Qualcomm unveil the S865 that smash the 99... moreHaha the new phone which using new snapdragon flagship SoC will launch arround February next year and later. Don't forget Mate series will always be compared to new iPhone and Note series because it's launch date is almost near. So, the Note will be the slowest on benchmark but of course it have pen and advance software.

Note9 User, 06 Sep 2019Reuters was first to report this development on 28 Aug... moreOh wow how could I have missed it! Well, sometimes some articles don't show. Like this morning, for some reason the Note10 Blockchain buzzword news wouldn't show yet the Pixel 4 news above it did. Guess this problem happened then.