Kirin 990 unveiled, built on the 7nm+ process and features integrated 5G modem

06 September 2019
The new Kirin 990 is more powerful and more efficient than the competition.

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  • 06 Sep 2019

AnonD-558092, 06 Sep 2019 moreReuters was first to report this development on 28 August 2019, but GSMArena's Peter & the BBC reported it on 29 AUGUST 2019:

You can easily check if you missed any news on GSMA by tapping 'News' & then typing Huawei in the search bar:

That's just 1 of the things I like about GSMA, is that they trawl all the relevant top line tech news so that you don't have to, but if you want to dive even deeper (including all the BS politics) then checkout:

BBC Huawei news feed:

Reuters' Huawei news feed:

    Well done Huawei.
    If other companies got banned like Huaawei, they was going bankrupt for sure. But still Huawei goes forward hunting the no. 1 seat on the top... Respect!

      NotAnOpinion, 06 Sep 2019I don't know, smartphone's camera sensors/tech are advancin... moreYou need to understand resolving power of optics and what is possible for the quantum well of sensors.

      You can't make photons out of nothing.

      Most current smartphones do NOT resolve even 1080 lines of distinct video under test pattern conditions.

        it seems the Exynos 9820 and 9825 still excels at single core performances but slower in multi-core

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          • 06 Sep 2019

          LG Superfan, 06 Sep 2019Small improvement over SD855 and why make non 5G variant?Try looking at the photos again especially the comparison one. There is a non-5G variant but its weird for me because only the 5G variant used their new manufacturing method (EUV)

            NotAnOpinion, 06 Sep 2019Finally, welcome to the 8K family but Apple's A13 (8K@60/12... moreso are u going to buy a iPhone that can take 8k video?? at the same time u can't even watch the video at full res 8k so what's the point of recording at 8k when u can't even watch IT haha what a waste of space apple fan boy???
            oh wait unless u buying apple's cheese grater too? LMAO

            don't mention abt 4k because 4k displays are already readily available In the market lol tvs etc

              Blutbad-fuchsbau, 06 Sep 2019Wait what? If this 5G integrated chip isn't competition, th... moreThey cannot use A77 until the problem between USA and China ends. If its favorable of course.

                LG Superfan, 06 Sep 2019Small improvement over SD855 and why make non 5G variant?For the next year or so, most companies will launch two versions of flagship phones (4g & 5g). The 5g version will be costlier than 4g version. That is why Huawei made two versions of their SoC because their 5g modem is integrated rather than separate.

                  realitychecker, 06 Sep 2019lots of negativities here. huawei is getting a lot of undes... moreThe thing is that their favorite phone's SoC is no longer the best (of Android), so they have to resort to criticizing Kirin 990 on the fact that it will lose it's spot next year, as if that's a valid criticism.

                  But y'know what? It doesn't really matter if that happens. Kirin is exclusive to Huawei. The wide majority of people who buy Huawei phones don't buy them for the SoC anyway, to them it'll be great irregardless of where it stands on a benchmark.

                  Last but not least, all modern flagship SoCs will satisfy 99% of users with their performance & features.

                    Small improvement over SD855 and why make non 5G variant?

                      realitychecker, 06 Sep 2019lots of negativities here. huawei is getting a lot of undes... moreWhy didn't they use ARM Cortex-A77 and Mali G77, WTH?
                      They better not be surprised when the next Exynos and Snapdragon beat them by a lot.

                        In my opinion i think huawei used last year gpu and core because the ban.. They are scared to use the newest one and then they bypass Qualcomm by much.. And the sd 855+.. So they aren't going to make american sad again.. Probably the snapdragon 855+ is stronger than this kirin 990.. Then this is going to mean that this year mate 30 pro will not be a bomb like mate 20 pro of last year.. It will be just in competition with other.. And a13 will be much stronger.. I see huawei is listening and applying trump "rules".. Hear us or by by huawei.. This is the sad truth that i see here

                          lots of negativities here. huawei is getting a lot of undeserved critcisms from the "experts" here. so many experts. so many oracles. but from a normal guy, i kinda like this new chip.

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                            • 06 Sep 2019

                            Uzayr, 06 Sep 2019Apple always goes with Huawei We'll see who ships first.
                            In the past Huawei would always launch their PPT first while shipping behind Apple.

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                              • 06 Sep 2019

                              hmm seems like a hint at p40 pro, i bet next years p40 pro will have 8k rec hdr 30/60 or may just have 30fps with ois like samsung note 10, it will be a flagship killer again, also with the zoom improved to 100x or i think it will be just the same but the quality will be improved and also the video recording as well or it will be like a 10 or 20x optical zoom with 50x digital zoom still, i really dont know, and one more thing, please get rid of the notch already..

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                                • 06 Sep 2019

                                Hope it will come to next Samsung Note too

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                                  • 06 Sep 2019

                                  Apple always goes with Huawei

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                                    • 06 Sep 2019

                                    Nick Tagataka, 06 Sep 2019Oops sorry, I was trying to say March. Thanks for the corr... moreGalaxy s series are released with exynos.

                                      Anonymous, 06 Sep 2019You say May? When do samsung release their phones in May :D... moreOops sorry, I was trying to say March.
                                      Thanks for the correction.

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                                        • 06 Sep 2019

                                        Nick Tagataka, 06 Sep 2019Given that the next year's Galaxy S series won't be availab... moreYou say May? When do samsung release their phones in May :D

                                        Go read the s10 pages they were out in march