HTC's revenue goes up 67% in August

09 September 2019
The VR devices are the culprit.

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Article gives a bit of a false hope. revenue varies largely on a month to month basis based on releases and popularity of products. At the start I thought: ohh good on them being able to bounce back that well with 67% but that is compared to last month. A better comparison point would be the year to year which is -47% and frankly sad to hear, specially with HTC struggling for quite a few years now. Would be good to see a more even market share distribution which then drives competition and technology advancement.

  • .alpha

"$23.5 million in revenue". You have restaurants posting more revenue than that

I wonder who buys this VR crap. It's a dead tech like it was every single time it got introduced since the 80's or was it early 90's. Until we'll be able to track motion without having to actually walk around room, it's pointless. I'd accept it as cheaper monitor replacement with head tracking for better immersion, but to be used with all existing games using keyboard and mouse...

  • Anonymous

How about making the u19?