Apple iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max get 12MP triple cameras, revamped Super Retina displays

10 September 2019
The triple camera is calibrated at the factory. Impressively, the Apple A13 chipset can record video from all cameras simultaneously.

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  • Anonymous

Cheetah2k, 11 Sep 2019wow, so no ufs 3.0 storage for the new iphones.. hahahahahahaha... more"wow, so no ufs 3.0 storage for the new iphones.. hahahahahahahahahaha"

Apple doesn't use ufs, they already have better option.

"The inclusion of speedy UFS 3.0 NAND on the OnePlus 7 Pro will also play an important role in this regard, though the iPhone’s NVME storage is still notably faster."

Apple: We are introducing Ultrawide, which Android has had for a few years Now. so much so that a 15000/- rupee Android phone has it.
Apple: Also we are bringing FAST Charging that even a 12000/- rupee android phone has.
Apple: We are giving 64 GB Base storage, ALSO like a 15000/- rupee phone.
Seriously Apple, a 15000/- rupee android phone also has AMOLED Screen & Under Display Fingureprint sensor Which your NON-PRO phone lacks, or even PRO Lack a FPS.

  • Elvis

Looks like the new Google Pixel 4 with that square, finally a half decent iPhone, next years will be better when they add 5G

  • haha

Out of Control, 10 Sep 2019Many midrange smartphones have more than 64 GB of storage. I don... moreapple always want you to buy their new product every single year... f

Huawei P20 Pro triple camera setup-apple copied
Huawei Mate 20 Pro square camera arrangement-apple copied
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro AMOLED 6.39 inches 1080x2340 vs iphone 11 LCD 6.1 inches 828x1792
Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Fast charging at 27w vs iphone 11 18w

Apple copied the design of android phone, give sub par specs and re-package it as best ever iphone then charge at super high premium price. This is a joke from apple

  • Yeti

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2019Aus pricing iPhone 11 –  64Gb – $1199 128Gb – $1279... moreThat's mental. I got my S10+ 1Tb Ceramic for $50 less than 64Gb iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple is doom! Be prepared to get buy out by Huawei soon.

  • soulcalibur

seroiusly!!!!!!..... ONLY INTERNAL SPECTS change a little... but the rest especially the screen design still outdated...i expected more from u apple... but sadly.... other smartphone especially GOOGLE PIXEL AND ONEPLUS ANDDDD....HUAWEI step further..

  • Anonymous

Midnight green sounds wrong. I associate midnight with black or blue colour, not green. How about calling it "dull green" instead?

  • Anonymous

They reduce the tumour size but increase the size of the "eyes". Look at those bulging eyeballs on the camera module. Extremely ugly.

  • Khoa

Camera group looks like an electric hob.

5G is about 2 yrs out, rather save my pennies for "the next big thing."

The Lame camera sizes 1/2.55"...
They've existed for like 4 years now.

Yep, these are the iPhones I know. Hideous looking overpriced crap that takes the same footsteps like Sony at the "design" department, changes literally nothing except the back cameras. The end of iPhone is near, it's unavoidable and they know it.

Definitely waiting to see the new camera in action.

Their supposed "Night Mode" looks really weak based on their sample shots, still way behind the Pixel series, Huawei's and even Samsung's Night Sight/Mode.

Looks like I'll be getting the Pixel 4 once it is for sale, even if I have to buy it at the grey markets.

The only improvements the new iPhone had had is a third camera, faster SoC (still crippled by the OS) and brighter display (which will drain their small battery faster, they didn't even say the battery capacity, which in real life usage will more than likely be about the same as last years model).

Weird back design. Very weird indeed.

$1000 for an USB-C charger...

I don't mind Apple products in particular..
But I really don't like the design..
Anyone with trypophobia could struggle - seems like there's already a number of articles of people talking about it.

  • Anonymous

So they took whatever Android already has that they don't, re-brand it and call it a new innovation...