Leaked video details the Pixel 4's Motion Sense feature

11 September 2019
Google is expected to unveil the Pixel 4 on October 15.

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If it really is a plastic phone (as per latest youube video), I really hope they'll be more competitive pricewise... A sort of new Nexus device

Lot of negative comments for this device.

You're missing the key points that make this a beast.

1. Best camera performance of any android device and probably iPhone too
2. Pure android, fast OS, long lasting support
3. Amazing XDA / Aftermarket support, root / bootloader unlocking (nudge huawei)
4. First to be updated (always)

The air gesture crap is a gimmick, if you're sat down in the office and you want to change track and you can just swipe your hand over your phone then yea i can see how that would be useful.

So long as the fingerprint sensor (if it has one) is on the front and the battery is adequate for over a days charge then I would buy this, in fact i probably will.

if I remember correctly, There used to be Symbian music app that can do air swipe gesture to skip songs. And I Installed it on 5800 XpressMusic

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Duhh, this feature is long dead. Been using this on my motorola phones fw years ago.

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Shitxel 4 xl is a tough sell, they will gladly sell half a dozen

  • Love the Community

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019Google pixel will be extinct by 2021, software alone doesn'... moreWith Billions of Dollars worth of revenue and erhem personal data combined, Google could have asked Sony to buy the same flagship sensors as Huawei from them. They can ask Asus once again to co-design with HTC to make a Pixel with enough space for a headphone jack and a front stereo speaker on the tiniest available bezel.

It's okay if they can make the forehead bigger to house a front camera modules more state of the art than Apple's FaceID because everyone is OCD over chins.

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Google pixel will be extinct by 2021, software alone doesn't sell

We need a hardware and software monster.

  • Xperia all the way

Galaxy S4 or pixel 4?

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It's another software trick to try to sell hardware that doesn't sell well. Instead of improving the hardware, they clone Apple and try to make you bite the hook. But this year, clone Apple is the worst idea, nothing interesting new from both and even worse with those ugly phones.

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The ideal Pixel 4 XL should have been like this

6.7" QHD 90Hz HDR certifoed Display

4500 mAH battery


Reverse wireless charging

45W USB PD wired charging

12 main + 12 wide-angle + 16 telephoto + ToF

(Solid and other Google goodness should have be on top of this)

Is this the same as Samsung's air gesture?

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Man this guy is obnoxious, how much does Google pay him?

Obnoxious levels of fanboyism.