Apple iPhone 11 upgrade: the good, the bad and the ugly

11 September 2019
The upgrades, the missing upgrades and the downgrades.

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  • ExtremeBoky

The first company to introduce planned product obsolescence through non-replaceable batteries. The first company to not include expandable storage. The first company to remove the 3.5mm socket. Not to mention the necessity of that absolute crap Itunes, to do anything with file transfers... Highest radiating phones (SAR values) in industry. Then that lovely chopped-off / missing section of the screen... And then those crap-sounding Bluetooth earbuds showed right into your head, just to add to overall RF radiation levels.

Very cool!

Furiounx, 11 Sep know....people have different taste!? Ever think a... moreTheir taste is terrible then.
And for sure if someone really likes the design, its not the design itself that they like, its the brand of the phone itself.

  • Dimi13

This is by far the worst lineup Apple has ever introduced.
Its like they are living in a parallel universe where they live in an outdated world 3 years behind everyone else!

  • andreisbeats

The ugly: The iPhone itself. Look the camera bump. I used to be an Apple "fanboy". Sad.

  • Gandalfdenvite

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2019At least apple iphone has different front design from all others... morePorsche prove that you do not need to ever update the design to be successful, and Apple have also realized the same, why pay for designers when it is free, lazier, to just reuse the old design!

Iphone 11 changes summarized
1) Copied ultra wide of LG
2) Copied nightscape from Huwaei/Google
3)Copied and enhanced multiple camera recording of Nokia
4) Added Dolby sound like Lenovo, LG, Samsung and many others
5) audio zoom copied from note 10
And at 1.1 lakh Indian rupees ( little above 1500$ in conversion) fully featured iPhone has just 64gb storage(no one with right mind will buy a flagship phone with lcd non full HD like iPhone 11 and 11 pro is smaller than most people's preference and other flagship sizes which leaves pro max the only thing to be considered). And 2x telephoto zoom is nothing to be considered as many phones and cheapest compact point and shoots have 5x zoom. They could have added 5x or at least hybrid 5x zoom. And no pencil support, so dropping 3d touch was the only change to be noticed. And don't mind the biggest notch in industry(we mechanical engineers learn notch as a defect and I cannot appreciate anything that is intruding the view in that size)

  • AnonD-819322

Selfie is one of the most cringy names I've heard in my life, Slowfie (Apple) and Bothie (Nokia) are quite cool but their names are half as bad as the dreaded first word in this comment.

  • Anonymous

Mostly the bad and the ugly because Apple has translated and implemented very well on the notch department and fu**ing ugly camera bumps.

  • Trlababa

Orbital, 11 Sep 2019What I'm saying is you can buy an iPhone and keep it for 3+ year... moreYou are example is xiaomi, they provide security patches for 3-4 years, current Nokia also... If you research a little, beside payed by Apple things, you will find that Apple is in top 5 most vulnerable brands, per product they are no1... So you can always believe in marketing made by Apple or facts made by professional researchers.

  • QQ

Double camera bump? Pfffftttt. Worst design ever. Lcd display? Even cheapest phone use amoled/oled. I recommend dont enter asian market apple will suffer a lot.

Cant wait to see how its camera quality perform. Especially its video recording, looks very nice.

Probably worst possible way to waste 799 euros :)

  • Note9 User

Orbital, 11 Sep 2019Used to use iPhone's all the time (currently using the Xperia 1,... moreI'm not too worried about major Android OS updates, Samsung flagships have had most of these features years ahead already.

My Note9 came with Android 8.1 (Oreo), & then Android 9.0 (Pie) with One UI, then it'll get Android 10.0 & it wouldn't surprise me if it gets Android 11.0 in 2021, time will tell.

I care alot more about Security updates, & Samsung are improving the longevity in this regard:­eart_regarding_security_updates_for_the_galaxy_s­7_and_s7_edge-news-38546.php

I hope they continue to improve because these pricey flagships deserve long term support, 5 years of Security updates from launch is needed.
Worst case scenario, I've got an unlockable boot loader if I have to go down that route.

You can see all Samsung's supported devices here (it's more than 2 years):­b

Late 2019, no 90Hz & OLED ... No buy.

Alex 94, 11 Sep 2019Every smartphone lover want to replace phone after 1 year. Let's... moreA fair point, aside from the fact that you can make steps to look after your device to last longer than say 1-2 years, the aftercare/repairability of Apple devices remains as one of their bigger weaknesses.

Bionic , 11 Sep 2019iPhone the best..Hard pill to swallow for some..Sad how every iP... moreVice versa iphone lovers like you do bark as well. All fanboys do it just like you did here.
Apple users feel like Einstein after saying "iphone is better" with no further explanation as to why

  • r4f

This phone is perfect! It has Apple logo on it. Nothing else matters.

Robert EO Speedwagon, 11 Sep 2019The camera looks fine, it stands out way more than the cookie cu... moreOddly enough, more than half of the people who claim apple has superior processor and no other manufacturer can get the same performance has whatsapp and instagram as the most power eaters on their iphones.
Not saying you are one tho its just an observation

cyber, 11 Sep 2019all about is profit,and Apple is one of the most profitable tech... more2014 called, they want their "android ui is inconsistent" and "only poor dont buy apple" mindset back.

I dont know about other places, but those who buy iphone here arent the richer ones. People aint that poor but they dont actually have the money to buy am iphone directly. But they "feel" rich with an iphone. What a joke

  • cyber

all about is profit,and Apple is one of the most profitable tech company in the world despite high prices.They are very good at commercials,most loyal buyers feels more than satisfyed by their products.Persistence of how their products look and feel is something that make them instantly recognisable,and its a proven strategy over time.Still competitors exist ,most chinesse brands make cheap products with similar design for a third of iPhones price,thats eats some customers with not so deep pockets.Android is a hit or miss,step back,inconsistence in ui and so on.Current ipho nes is nice upgrades ,and everyone with enough cash using iphone and likes how it works,will probably buy a new one without bothering design of the cameras.Rest of the people who not have enogh money will go for Android phone wondering a which brand to choose,which ui version will like,why is so cheap,why doesnt work like Ipho ne.Thats the points where Iphones wins a lot,with high prices,and where others loose customers despite lower prices and diversity of models.