Apple iPhone 11 Pro upgrade: the good, the bad and the ugly

11 September 2019
What improvements come with Apple

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Every OEM upgrade their hardware of the phones! No big deal, but if the only good thing coming out of iPhone this year really is just a good camera ( cause it is finally triple) and a slightly bigger battery ( it really needed for iPhone user).
Then why the hell would anyone want to spend a thousand dollars for a camera upgrade on their phone?

But then again, I'm sure that there are still plenty of my people in China ( or even come/travel to US ) to buy a few!!

  • Anonymous

looks like the little big planet with ozone depletion x3

  • Arta

Such powerful and right title

GrandMaster, 11 Sep 2019nvme! not ufsAre u sure

  • AnonD-706668

Good is display quality, Bad is lowlight camera performance and ugliest is monopoly on AppStore

These phones should've been called iPhone 11R, 11 & 11 Max respectively. They do not deserve the "Pro" moniker as they don't offer ANY "Pro" features.

No 90hz display
No Reverse Wireless charging
No Ultrafast charging (both wired/wireless)
No advanced Pro mode for camera
No Apple Pencil support
No 5G variant

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying they're bad phones. They're probably the most advanced iPhones made till date. They're simply underwhelming & unimpressive when you compare them to the best phones already available in the market right now (and some yet to come later this year).

IpsDisplay, 11 Sep 2019Funny how apple made a jab at android , and arguably so their ch... moreApple's always been on NVMe, not UFS. It's been faster than UFS before but whether or not this round needs testing.

Actual charging speed does not scale linearly with the advertised wattage and that's pretty clear, pushing from 18W to 45W you get maybe 20min off the charging time? Also you quickly reach a point of diminishing returns, we've entered 90min for a full charge 3-4 years ago and batteries aren't getting bigger with time, unlike future proofing SoC performance where software advances with hardware.

Apple's greatly revamped the camera software and pushed the aperture of the 2x to f/2, I will not draw conclusions that they've failed to catch up until I see enough samples. Huawei's night mode was half baked to say the least when they first released it, Google was a year late but surpassed them on the first attempt.

5G will become an issue if you use it in a place where they throttle 4G speed to make room for 5G (like China, where 4G was also rather slow to begin with) or keep the device for more than 3 years, that's for sure. I reckon they left out 5G mostly because they couldn't secure a suitable modem in time, they just bought Intel's modem division but the existing products are rather inefficient.

  • Mel

Many things are bad on this iPhone 11 pro.

1. Storage starts at 64gb = price to pay $1000+tax
64gb for $1000 is a highway robbery! Lol

2. BIG from screen NOTCh = this is OLD school design that is dated back in 2017 from apple.

3. Triple camera of 12mp = still old school dated back in 2017 from Android phones and now even mid ranger phones from Chinese company has triple camera for $300 from xiaomi ( 9T ) and has 48mp main sensor and front has 20mp

4. NO 5G support optional like Samsung or even OnePlus has it now too! until next year and for sure it will be additional 😁 innovation from apple once is implemented!

For $1000+ tax starting price, better to think twice or even 3 times before buying this phone.

Many Android phones has 5G support now

Galaxy Note 10 Pluses around the world much be laughing with the new iPhones!.. All the "upgrades" are so old for the Android world, that most midrangers and even entry-level droids have them on the most base models. Come on Apple, no one is THAT stupid to pay for 2 and 3yo features more than twice their actual cost! Droid ftw, and you Apple fans just keep the bragging for yourselves, while we enjoy what 1000€+ really should do!

  • ola

Apple is using NVMe on iPhone / iPad not UFS.

Asphalt-nation, 11 Sep 201964GB of UFS 2.1 on a thousand bucks flagship with no card slot ... morenvme! not ufs

  • Anonymous

Seeing no comments,,apple has shattered all dreams of iphone users..its a fact that usa wants to ban huawai is very simple that features like reverse charging, usb type c 3.1, quad cam, indisplay fingerprint security, which are seen in one year old mate30 is not seen in latest iphone..p30 and reno 10x offers optical 5x zoom, while apple stuck in 2x digital.. pop up camera, periscopic camera tof camera, macro much advancement but apple still lacks..even samsung not able to challenge oppo Xiaomi and Huawei, though it supplies screen and camera sensors...
Because of ban its usa customers who are loosing out..once upon a time years ago we indians always used to lookout for apple phones xbox and new technologies of USA...but lucky to Huawei and others we have better phones in cheaper prices...its time Trump realises ,else it will be like small countries having mobile phone and usa stuck with pager...sorry guys..luckily apple has streaming tv for 5$,,then too in india it is 15$ for a year while usa its 5$ a is looting and flourishing because of lack of competition...its time iphone users realises they are frog in a well and look abroad for the best...

Funny how apple made a jab at android , and arguably so their chipset is way ahead (by two years they said)

But they both conveniently leave out being behind in :

Camera hardware (zoom lens, lens sizes)
Camera software (they are basically 2 years late in night mode)
Fast wireless charging
Super fast wired charging
Reverse wireless charging

64GB of UFS 2.1 on a thousand bucks flagship
with no card slot is beyond ugly.

  • Anonymous

3 iPhone cameras

Others will not care(or may just envy at most)/bad/, apple fans may find it missing something/ugly/, apple users will buy it/good/.

  • Annoymous

Samsung truly whooped Apple this year, last year is questionable but this year with the note 10 plus.. come on Apple the design sucks, battery is weak compared to the note, screen display even being smaller on the pro is worse than the note being a larger screen. overall get the note :)

  • Zafar

Nothing unique or outstanding as I'm already having IPhone X and it doesn't feel like anything premium to upgrade

  • Robert EO Speedwagon

90Hz or 120Hz display with no notch, UD fingerprint scanner and a proper file system support like on iPad Pro and it'd be the perfect phone. A bigger screen on the Max model, bigger battery and a USB-C would be welcome additions but not they're not deal breakers.

I don't see the battery upgrade as a pro, it is still pretty behind most of 2019-2018 phones...