Apple iPhone 11 Pro upgrade: the good, the bad and the ugly

11 September 2019
What improvements come with Apple

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  • Anonymous

At half the price Hauwei Pro gives up to five times the memory and quality of photos that I doubt an expert could distinguish. Go figure.

TheWanderer, 11 Sep 2019Learn some math. You can't add zooming in and zooming out togeth... moreluckily they don't use that for marketing

  • BBJ

Jaans, 17 Sep 2019So the upgraded screen is not mentioned at all?It's not mentionned because it doesn't exist

  • Jaans

So the upgraded screen is not mentioned at all?

  • booldega

Iphone 11 pro could have a USB-C port to be able to use the same connector for macbook, ipad pro and iphone pro
USB-C is also faster for data transfer and charging, lightning is disappointing for the price

  • randal63

Expensive and ugly, I'm disappointed.

Did anyone noticed how all iSheep comments are under "Anonymous" user.
There are trolls in the comments section!

David Elliott Lewis, 12 Sep 2019Innovations like the "Slofie" (slow motion selfie). Really? A ... moreIts just sad...

  • Trow

This sounds like when Blackberry was dying lol all the same points and arguements saying they on top of the world.
Yep....i will just grab my popcorn and watch.

  • Cocho

Jonny, 13 Sep 2019Doubling memory with SD card? And where do you want to put that ... moreEsim embedded and the slot of the SIM card cam be used for memory upgrade

  • Jonny

Doubling memory with SD card? And where do you want to put that SD-card :p?

  • Mr Mad

No one gonna point out the fact that in one picture, a participant is clearly throwing their head up in the air while the rest of this group celebrates this achievement. Is Apple employing Synths?

I really want to see how the Apple 11 camera performs, especially since most people have to deal with that nightmare-inducing camera array.

  • Stupid Boy

It's easy to double the base model's 64GB of storage. Just add a cheap and affordable 64GB microSD card and Bob's your uncle!

Anonymous, 11 Sep 20193 iPhone cameras They are iCameras with iLenses Pro Retina ... don't ye know?

  • joy

the good - great hardware, software experience and build quality
the bad - pricing
the ugly - still catching up with android flagships at many fronts.
the ugliest - ridiculous storage offering for laughable price with strictly no sd card support
should be 256GB, 512 and the Max with 1TB. That will make some sense for the price and the name.

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2019The beginning of the end. Beginning started few years ago, now steady phase, next will be little more agressive downward trend....

  • Bunny

Note 10 Plus... logical choice. Does errrrrythaaaang.

David Elliott Lewis, 12 Sep 2019Innovations like the "Slofie" (slow motion selfie). Really? A ... moreThe value is present, it's just that the execution's poor. All I'm saying is that it's overpriced

  • noved

Having wireless charging and being waterproof does not make it a PRO. Everything else about this phone shouts mid-range.