Flashback: iPhone 4, the phone that made Apple a camera and display powerhouse

15 September 2019
The Retina Display kicked off a resolution war with other smartphone makers. Also, this was the first iPhone with a front-facing camera.

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  • Xvestor

" a recipe that has been copied by just about every phone maker since."

gsm seems forgot , apple iphone 4 design inspired from sony design prototype, even steve job acknowledge how beautiful Sony design.

Kingslayer, 15 Sep 2019iPhone 4 https://youtu.be/KEaLJpFxR9Q Crazy to think Jony I... moreI had an Iphone 4. Brilliant phone. Fast. Had a decent camera for the time. But the OS was too restrictive. Everything needed syncing through itunes. And a few years ago i found android its good. And never looked back. Still love iphone

iPhone 4

Crazy to think Jony Ive and Scott Forstall no longer work for Apple and neither one got along.

For any iPhone fans accusing Google for ripping off iPhone X's gestures...


I know my phone history like I know my history of music, movies, video games, NBA, and horse racing. I can go detail with my time with iPhone from June 2010 until I sold it at the end of August 2013. I just don't want to because my love for Android grew the last six years or so. Looking back at the iPhone 4 fondly isn't in me and I loved it from 2010-2013.

I thought iPhones were cool from 2007-2013. Haven't really been interested them since. And I owned an SE from 2017-2019. I find iOS still annoying. I discovered Android Pie (Aug-Oct 2018) is the best version of Android software I have ever experienced and I plan to get a Pixel, Pixel 2 XL, and Essential to remain there.

9 years has passed since iPhone 4 was released, but the newest iPhone 11 still has the same 326 ppi screen, while Android world moved over 400 ppi and now made unable to see individual pixels.
Apple needs to step up their game, if they don't want to be left behind.

  • L973

...and it has the Wifis :P
(or Bluetooths, I don't remember exactly... anyone else remember?)

Oh this phone was the best! I remember the experience of using this phone (my boss had it, and he was quite close to me personally).
At that time, if left alone on a table, I couldn't stop myself from picking it up and admiring it.
The screen was gorgeous. Galaxy S had that oversaturated first gen superAmoled display and I much preferred the iPhone's display quality.
Camera too was ahead of its time in quality!

If only Steve Jobs was alive. He could be a pain in your keste if you were working with him, but when he pushed hard, Apple made trend-setting devices. Now, they just play catch-up to other brands.

Hahaha Apple is camera powerhouse ! Don’t made me laughter

  • Anonymous

Kangal, 15 Sep 2019The original iPhone (2G) paved the way for phones to transform f... moreTrue words about the competition.. I remember attending Nokia training on the X7 (mid 2011), and I remember challenging the representatives from Nokia and asking them if this seriously was their answer to the Iphone 4S and Samsung Galaxy series. .now thats a fail big time 😀

This was the first iPhone I truly liked, the design was absolutely stunning. IMO the iPhone 5 range had the worst looking design and iPhone 4 had the best look followed by the X and 11 range.

  • Anonymous

Tim Cook should carry this and thinking of what is doing

The most beautiful smartphone ever made.

Impressive, right? They've accomplished SO much back then for the better of the industry. But then something went wrong I guess :) Actually this kind of news (flashbacks) is very entertaining and informative. Keep it going!

  • Anonymous

Krisbenea, 15 Sep 2019The era when antutu and pubg aren't the parameter for the best p... moreI don't actually care about benchmark for phone. If you're buying graphic card for pc, I stil understand, but benchmark for phone just doesn't make sense.

  • Satya

The longest lived phone ?? Launched in 2010 and available till 2014 !! I’m sure to say iPhone 5s is the one that has the longest life out of all iphones ever... launched in 2013 ...it was actively available till 2019 mid(India)

First iPhone I ever bought with my own money and the only time I bought a phone on launch day (June 24, 2010). I have some fond memories of this phone. I even got a free case for it thanks to Antennagate.

From June 24, 2010 until getting my HTC One M7 on May 24, 2013, the iPhone 4 was probably still my favorite smartphone at the time. I would watch that intro video with Scott Forstall and Jony Ive over and over. But like every Apple product I got with the exception of my MacBook Air, I started to hate it as years go by. I just hated how I was forced to update to iOS6 after I had it unlocked from AT&T.

Still, iPhone 4 was the last iPhone that Steve Jobs ever introduced on stage. Even had a zinger at the Gizmodo guy who leaked it. Didn't really age well because the CPU/GPU was pretty weak. By 2013, games like Subway Surfers and Sonic Rush would lag like crazy. The 4s was the better one because of its 7x stronger GPU and better antenna arrangement.

If I did a Top 10 favorite list, iPhone 4 would probably still make the cut but at the bottom of the pile. I'm very content with my Pixel 3 back on Pie and LG G5 stuck on Nougat. I could use both for the next 5 years. While iPhone 4 was really only good for 2 years. The upgrades from 2010-2014 were still bigger jumps yearly compared to the latter half of this decade.

The era when antutu and pubg aren't the parameter for the best phone or how good a phone is

Kangal, 15 Sep 2019The original iPhone (2G) paved the way for phones to transform f... moreAnd companies now screwing the market with more expensive-less value phone.

Also a phone that invented to not hold it wrong.

Antennagate not unique to iPhone
lol what?
just to hide their imperfections you want to say it happens to other devices also so it's fine?
Admire steve jobs
Steve Jobs was such a liar back then
but good part is at least he accepted his mistake

today's apple doesn't even do that

The original iPhone (2G) paved the way for phones to transform from clunky smartphones into simpler, sleek, tools. It wasn't until the late iPhone 3G was it possible to replace the old flagship Nokia N95 and HTC TouchPRO with Apple's offering. And with the iPhone 3GS they had a monopoly on the market, since proper competitors wouldn't arrive until a full year later.

The iPhone 4 launched quite late actually, leaving the iPhone 3GS on the market for almost a full 2-years. And they finally had a Selfie Cam, and a means to do Video Calls. The new phone improved battery life, performance, screen, camera, and everything else. This really was the best phone of 2010, and most of 2011.

It took upto the end of 2011 for Google to do something proper with Android, and many things were unified and modernised under Android 4.0.3 Ice-Cream-Sandwich. And it was Samsung paving the way for the future of both small phones (SGSII) and large phones (NOTE). This was proper competition against the iPhone 4S which introduced AI-Assistants and a more powerful iOS system. Just to illustrate how much of a leap forward both iOS-iPhone and Android-Samsung made during the 2010-2011 transition.... it was enough to leave all competitors behind and wipe out competitors such as Palm, Blackberry, Symbian, MeeGo, and Windows Phone. These guys were releasing competitors against 2010-phones, but were doing it in 2012... they had no chance!

I would say both iOS and Android evolved separately... with one opting for more features then polishing the system thereafter, and the other starting with an optimised system and gradually adding more features. I would say they achieved parity from the user's perspective back with iOS v7 and Android v5, and with devices like the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note4-Exynos. Things have been a little more equal since, comparing the likes of iOS v12 and Android v8, as well as, iPhone (X, XS, 11 Pro) to the likes of the Samsung (S8+, S9+, and S10+) devices.