A Kirin 990-powered Huawei smartphone pops up on Geekbench

13 September 2019
Either the Mate 30 or Mate 30 Pro.

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Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019The phone will not record in 8k 30fps the chip is just capable. ... moreOhh thanks for clarifying my confusion

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019And it got beatenin benchmarks by A13 So what are those extra... moreBecause geekbench always biased to Apple. In real life speed tests Apple's A-12 way slower in every aspect than SD 855. But Benchmark shows how higher score for Apple. It's totally impractical and unreliable!

  • Anonymous

Saadhin, 14 Sep 2019Yes definitely... check the specifications: https://www.digital... moreThe phone will not record in 8k 30fps the chip is just capable. Huwei are finally doing 4k 60 fps so 8k is along way away.

The Exynos 9810 from last year was capable of 4k 120fps recording but keep the specs similar to the snapdragon version they capped it to 4k 60 fps


Yousef1, 14 Sep 2019Why Single-Core score always low on Android smartphones and it d... moreBecause Android devices are more power efficient than Apple devices...check battery life of Android devices Vs Apple devices. Single cores uses for light tasks like standby the device or receiving a phone call, calculate by calculator etc. For these usually little cores used (eg. A-55 in Kirin 990).

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019Kirin 990 5G has about 20% more transistors than Apple A13. Firs... moreAnd it got beatenin benchmarks by A13

So what are those extra transistors doing?

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019I'm a Huawei fan, but people need to stop saying Kirin is faster... moreIf u said about Qualcomm, yes. If u talking about Samsung Exynos, which my country using, Kirin are way better.

And like many says here, Kirin 990 will be superseded by SD 865, but then it will be superseded again with Kirin 1000. Its a never ending cycle. At the moment, if u ever own SD 855 or Kirin 980, both are flagship as it gets. Sure, SD855 better on papersheet, but can u differentiate it in real life? Both can handle heavy task, both can get smooth gaming experience even on heaviest graphic games out there, whats there to loose? Easily future proof for at least 3 years. The rest of the specs for the price is more important.

Why Single-Core score always low on Android smartphones and it doesn't change since years ??!!!

  • Anonymous

KnightX, 14 Sep 2019You say match? The underclocked Kirin990 literally smoked the 8... moreIs there any Kirin 990 even out? Where is your source about an underclocked 990 beaten the 855+?

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Kirin 990 just about matches the s855+
Even the GPU is weaker still snapdragon 865 will destroy this as well as Exynos 9830

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I'm a Huawei fan, but people need to stop saying Kirin is faster than Samsung, Qualcomm or Apple because it's not true.

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Kirin 990 5G has about 20% more transistors than Apple A13. First time for Android SOC! Wonderful job Huawei. Credit where credit's due.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

happi, 13 Sep 2019Hauwei always one step behind competitors.No it is ahead of Samsung but behind Qualcomm! :D

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2019.... are you being serious? Yes definitely... check the specifications:

In addition you will get
- Built in 5G modem with low power consumption & best performance
- Most powerful NPU in a mobile chip for best AI performance
- 4K @ 60fps & 8K @ 30 fps video recording
- 5th gen ISP with DSLR level image noise reduction
- Latest EUV 7 nm fabrication process (1 generation ahead than competition)
- GPU turbo technology
- Dual Leica 40 MP image sensor with quad camera setup
- Xenon flash for bright pictures
- The Highest DXO mark in photography & new cene-camera
- Reverse wireless charging support
- Super fast charging and amazing battery life

In real life tests last year's kirin 980 performed similar to SD 855 & Apple A12, check speed tests at YouTube.

Thus Kirin 990 will again break all records like last year when Mate 20 released... remember! How Apple & SD 845 mobiles lost in speed tests!

This is Geekbench 4, and earlier SD865 leaks were waaay better... I would like to see GB5, this would be around 1100 single core score.

  • Samou

I have been reading the comments section and it really surprising me how many people are criticizing Huawei for using ARM A76.
As I recall Samsung just refreshed their current year SOC build using 7nm EUV and used A75 and everybody digested that well even though Samsung is much better situation than Huawei at least for the last 4 months and let's not forget that Samsung are much more experienced in the field of SOC as they were in it for long time now.

In regards to snapdragon next generation it's definitely will going to be more powerful SOC as a package than Kirin 990 but what margin ? And will it going to be as efficient as the Kirin 990 ? I really doupt it?

In my humble opinion Huawei has done a very good job with the Kirin 990 taking in consideration the USA ban and the uncertainty of what is next. They had a very good base ( Kirin 980)and the have improved a lot on it in efficiency which is very important for the most of consumers and AI where Huawei seems leading the pack on and they keep adding to the lead they have.

Let's not forget the improvement in GPU department even though we yet to see it in real life but as 980 was good for all of the tasks the 990 should just improve on that.

Now let's move to very valid point do we need SOC as powerful as 990 in real life? The plain answer is 98% of the users don't need anymore than Kirin 810/Snapdragon 712

If it's for the bragging rights I will put it this way

Samsung has the best single core performance

Huawei has the most efficient SOC

Qualcomm has the best GPU and multi core performance

The above is in Android world though as Apple A chip is still ahead but I see that lead shrinking every year.

Just enjoy the tech and choose what you feel is best for you without trash talk.

All this companies are pushing the innovation with the healthy competition.

I believe Huawei can match and overtake SD and Samsung in two to three years shall the ban be lifted as they really come a long way in the last few years.

  • Hamza

Whackcar, 13 Sep 2019Good to know that it is indeed coming with Android 10. That alre... morepeople are only comparing the CPU and GPU performance vs other chips but don't even mention the npu performance
Integrated 5g chip capable of instant switching with 4g and 3g
A new noise controlling processor
The amazing endurance due to lower powered gpu cores while gaming
7nm euv process

mate 30 pro will bulldozer all smartphones

joe nodden, 14 Sep 2019Dude you realize the 855 launched in December of last year with ... moreYou say match? The underclocked Kirin990 literally smoked the 855+ the overclocked one will further anhilate it! May be score 12k+ & SD865 powered mainstream devices aren't coming till March(Samsung s11/Oneplus 8) which is still 6months away

SpiritWolf, 13 Sep 2019Who cares about gaming? It's GPU department not CPU. And yes, Ad... moreOh idk, anyone who likes to actually use their SoC's full potential.

Gusta, 14 Sep 2019SD865 phone will be launch 6 month later.. You have to compare t... moreDude you realize the 855 launched in December of last year with the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT, right? Where are you getting 6 months from?