Nokia 808 PureView wins Best New Device at MWC

01 March, 2012
The last minute award was given to Nokia's 41MP imaging monster smartphone.

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  • akki.sakpal

the mobile world interesting fact that nokia has maf symbian os by its own and famous but samsung's bada os is made by samsung but,funny thing is that nobody know's it.ha,ha,ha samsung's bloody(no use) os

  • akki.sakpal

AnonD-7134, 02 Mar 2012Ony 2 cons of Symbian. 1. Decent UI (not so much attractiv... moreYou don't any rubbishes

  • KOY


  • lightnightknight

I think the Nokia 808 Pure View deserve the award. The idea of how to produce a perfect photo from a mobile is phenomenal. In the sea of unnecessary 4-core powered phones, the Nokia 808 Pure View stands out with unique and original feature. After the struggle from Symvian^3 and Anna, Belle finally provide nice and smooth user interface. With Belle Feature Pack on the Nokia 808 Pure View, the phone seems promising. It's pity that Symbian and Qt were virtually killed by the announcement of Nokia's CEO in February 2011.

  • hrd

nokia is the best.i m using nokia n8..and now i m buy this phone..all

  • Dude

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2012Symbian can do more? Care to post some factual data to back... moreGet your facts right, ICS is released and Asus is the first company who released ICS fot their products, I have ICS running for almost 2 weeks now on my Transformer. Asus will also be the first company who will release Android 5 Jelly Bean, this they confirmed yesterday.....So don't come trolling and state that ICS is not rolled out yet. Because your device'(s) did not got updated yet.......FAIL!

  • Prash

Nokia Rockkksss at MWC 2012

  • george_k

viva Nokia!!!

  • AnonD-44896

I cant believe nokia is into such an wonderful product, im sure this is going to be a massive hit of this year ...

  • Anonymous

is there avaialable now

  • deena

super super

  • Anonymous

GDT, 02 Mar 2012Now i get it y u guyz luv symbian so much. Most of the symb... moreVideo calling since the first symbian that was many years ago.the only failure is lack of application.I think part of the failure is also due to application which you can google for free.

  • GDT

But thats the point! U gotta hack from foriegn sources to gt just a few of those upgrades, but v r already provided with the updates waitin to b downloaded. If u were to hack n run then dat cud b acheived on any os,nt just symbian. N goin by ur statement abt galaxy ace. The market sales of galaxy ace vs those of c7 certainly seem to b singin a different tune

  • AnonD-12210

GDT, 02 Mar 2012Now i get it y u guyz luv symbian so much. Most of the symb... moreThats ur ignorance dude. We r talking about symbian, the father of smartphne os. 6yrs ago i used to customise my 5700xm with roms. I had hacked it to play ngage games . Overclocked it to 500mhz. All these customisations were possible back then. So symbian is a lot misunderstood . Belle btw is better than gingerbread in midrange phones. C7 win hands down over galaxy ace.

  • Anonymous

GDT, 02 Mar 2012Now i get it y u guyz luv symbian so much. Most of the symb... moreYou got some things right there. There's *no way* I could be bothered to tinker with custom roms etc, which seems to be the norm among advanced Android users.

  • AnonD-7134

fffg, 02 Mar 2012number 2 on your list is a HUGE fail when talking about sma... moreI don't know which bank app you are talking about. But Widropbox third party app is available, ebuddy messenger app is available, (in which u can chat in MSN, Facebook, gtalk, yahoo, etc.) Just search it in Nokia store.
By d way if u want huge amout of apps, then go for Iphone 4S.

  • AnonD-4254

prowess, 02 Mar 2012you think? this will out-sell SGS3 and iPhone 5? let's see.... moreYou shouldn't be too sure. N8 had such a marvellous pricing that Original Galaxy S didn't stand a chance...

@ Fanboys: Guys, can't you be mature and appreciative of everyone?
I appreciate Nokia for their media performance, Samsung for their all roundedness & extreme specs, Apple for their interface and balanced performance...

So, what's the problem here if some company performs? Its always a good thing.
Can't people be appreciative of 808's camera performance and specs, including their Pureview mode for better 5 or 8MP Pics?
If you don't want it, don't buy it. Why critisize uselessly?

  • Steven

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2012"Nokia don't have much low end sales" there is yo... moretrue half the smartphones in the world are run Android but when count only the new ones it's more like 4 in 5 are running Android which is a lot.

  • Steven

Anonymous, 02 Mar 20121. Customers got tired of it because it sucked. It stayed s... more1) Personally I don't think Symbian sucks but I'm not one to ask because I have never used it but I base my opinions off of what I've heard, read, and tried and have not tried Symbian but what I have heard and read about it is it is very stable and reliable and what I meant by tired of it was either what you got from it or they just wanted to try something new...

2) I didn't mean just Android when I said that "they wanted to try something else do to 1, friends or family, hype, or curiosity"... something new could have Android, IOS, Blackberry, or something with less market share...

3) true but it's declined fast now they did then it did before

I'm a person of reason and it's unreasonable to declare something a fact when the topic is something that is a matter of opinion like what is the best OS... that is a matter of opinion because there are so many factors involved in deciding an OS that it's a matter of preference and you may prefer something that someone else doesn't... all you say that it is my opinion or my experience that blablabla is nicer... maybe not those exact words but something like it... now to what you about that I like Nokia... I do like Nokia but it's not my preference but I'm glad you choose to say likes and not something more far fetched like a lot of people.

  • appu

GDT, 02 Mar 2012Now i get it y u guyz luv symbian so much. Most of the symb... moreI think u r right at ur place, that android has 100 times more apps than symbian. But I think some apps are repeatetive and symbian users are not intrested in having them. Like I don't think a 40+ something would be too intrested in just updating apps. He would like to just call, msg or probably check his mail. Why should he spend Rs 20 K + to buy a phone for apps. I think symbian or a blackberry choice would be good for him. I think its good that everyone has a lot of choice to choose from now. And android and iOS has given nokia a wake up call to improve