LG might be getting back into tablets with the G Pad 5

14 September 2019
However, the leaks do mention a pretty outdated Snapdragon 821 chipset, which is rather odd.

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An 821 would be fine if it is cooled well and is paired with a decent battery. LG G6 with an 821 gets way too hot and drains battery fast

  • Anonymous

855, 15 Sep 2019Better use the sd835 instead of sd821It's indeed better, but will be more expensive.

  • Hasbyduryea

Sd 821 is still capable enough. Considering even for their big screen, tablet tend to use slower chipset (or maybe it was me who buy cheap android tablet).

  • Jimbob

ugh dont call it the G pad 5....

  • Mistwalker

Will never buy an Asus tablet again. I have the Z500M, and it's still on Android 7, no planned upgrades, still a WiFi bug that forces you to manually turn on WiFi every time you want to use the tablet, and turn off when you don't use it - otherwise it will drain your battery. Not a single security update since 6months after release of the tablet. No alternative ROMs either because of the SoC they use. iPad Pro for me next time.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Just make a 8" phone and sell it, people will buy it since they love big phones they can also use as tablets! XD (not practical tough it seems elder people like bigger to see better or something I dunno)

Funny meh.
LG dont forget to add android lollypop or Mashmallow.

  • Lavialegon

Hope it is true, there is not so many tablets brands on the market, but also I am waiting for sonny's comeback.

First MediaTek in midrange phone, then SD821 in a 2019 tablet? What's LG smoking recently? They're desperatley trying to save a buck while being expensive...

Why did LG come back to tablets when it can't even make a smartphone right? Just why?

  • Anonymous

masterklast, 15 Sep 2019sony , apple , philips ,panasonic... etc used lg oled and ... moreSpoken like a true LG salesman

  • omega

ı love it but why android 9, i think android 10 better for security patches

  • Anonymous

Reference to the SD 821 could be a mistake, I mean sourcecode could be copied and pasted then changed. It might get changed when an actual chip is decided to be at the helm.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Will it feature a terrible screen and non existing quality ... morecommoner people use samsung kitchenware, rich people use LG kitchenware anyway

  • masterklast

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019Will it feature a terrible screen and non existing quality ... moresony , apple , philips ,panasonic... etc used lg oled and ips screen for yours tv and phones. asus , gigabyte ,acer , dell, hp and others used lg ips and tn panels for laptop

Lg should just use sd835 and price it really low and mayb just mayb the'll actually b able to sell some units

When has any standard tablet EVER had a powerful chipset; unless they were trying to compete with an ipad?

  • Anonymous

Will it feature a terrible screen and non existing quality control?
Please stick to kitchenware, LG...


  • 855

Better use the sd835 instead of sd821

  • dannko

Kangal, 15 Sep 2019The QSD 730 isn't slower than the old QSD 820/821 chipsets.... morehere is antuntu score of new lg gpad 5 . lg gpad5 with s821 cpu has 160832 antutu score . here is pic https://www.igeekphone.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/LG-G-Pad-5-2.jpg