Weekly poll: iPhone 11 family - hot or not

14 September 2019
Did Cupertino have a strong smartphone release this year or did the iPhone 11 family leave you disappointed in some way?

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I like it, though I'd rather just have a little thicker phone and have no bezels at all, and have cleaner design in the proces (Kinda like they used to do).

  • Anonymous

Without a projector or a pc mode like dex or huawei they better do it foldable next time or make a car.

Apple is best. Haters gonna hate.. that won’t stop me from buying apple. Hate replies incoming.

  • Anonymous

According to news it looks like these badass phones are big sales hit.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Most reviewers use iPhone as their daily driver.

see tons of reviews only to have the guy compare the review phone with their iPhones.

nothing beats iPhones

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Be real... most of this sites users can't even afford iphone that's why there's so much hate. But the iphone sales will show real answer. And sales will be good again. iPhone 11 will be more successful than Xr. And Xr was best selling smartphone worldwide.

  • Anonymous

i saw some of iphone se 2 concept in youtube. look awesome n nice than iphone 11 family. apple should reorganize their RD department ASAP to save APPLE from major disaster in near future.

  • Anonymous

the most ugliest iphone ever. time to jump to different brand. bye apple.

  • Xr user

Camera feature are hot but overall design is ugly .

Kangal, 15 Sep 2019Except that moving from the 6S to the 7; you did notice getting ... moreadditional 5 hours of battery life is "smaller"?

  • Anonymous

Ugly thing, but maybe the camera and (specially) video is awesome so it will make it bigger.

john+doe, 16 Sep 2019It's an Iphone 10 with 1 new extra ultra-wide camera, why would ... moreiPhone 10 was more expensive at launch, and still is expensive. iPhone 11 vs iPhone XR, is a no-brainer for the 11. Better screen, better camera, better processor (not only speed), better battery, more resistance, better sound....with only 100€ difference, it's kinda dumb going for iPhone XR this year. even if they are small upgrades individually, adding all it makes a huge difference.
if you can get an iPhone XR for less 200-300 €, that's a different story...but new vs news...there's a easy winner and it's not XR.

[deleted post]:D

  • dim

I'm not a fanboy of any particular brand but I always find Apple's design to be way up there - with careful attention to every detail.

But this year's iPhones - I find them really ugly. The back looks like a cheap Huawei knockoff.

Not to mention the latest Mac Pro looks so much like an expensive cheese grater.

Out of ideas eh, Apple?

  • AnonD-706668

Nothing is hot...everything is super flop. Which camera technique they are using like multi frame image stacking for noise reduction. This technique already used by Google Pixel, Samsung and Oppo. So, nothing new.

This years iPhones are minor update and offer nothing interesting. I was hoping they will present a small phone not because I would buy it, but because chinese manufacturers could copy it.
We'll live in the world of shovels another year.

  • Anonymous

gooooooow android

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2019The irony is that apple fans are dumb, my friend wants to buy an... moreHe doesn’t even want the iPhone SE? Wow I have to agree that your friend is really really dumb

  • john+doe

It's an Iphone 10 with 1 new extra ultra-wide camera, why would you pay for the premium?

  • anonymous

Compared to other phone models in the market, iphone 11 series are not having much features and the prices are way too much for the old odd features. Better to buy other brand phone which comes with lots of features.