Huawei Mate 30, 30 Pro and Porsche Design images leak

16 September 2019
The Porsche Design has a long camera bump, similar to the racing stripe of last year's model. It comes with a cool new case too.

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Zac, 16 Sep 2019Looking good why not just use harmony Os with this phoneCos its actually not in existence or in play..They just spreading rumours so fans will not loose hope on the Os..have u seen them demo it on any device

  • ohh

ohh notch again....

Copy-cat edge screen. Features could be copied, but trademark design?? After copying notch, infinity-o , foldable screen now they go deaper on edge screens. I’ll never buy this copycat brand with no identity

  • Anonymous

Morientes, 16 Sep 2019No, no, no and No. Notch.Yes, yes, yes an yes.

  • Anonymous

Zac, 16 Sep 2019Looking good why not just use harmony Os with this phoneIf P40 Pro came with Harmony OS, I will buy it in a heart beat
I can easily sideload Google Apps and happily Use Micro G for vanced
Moreover I just want to see how it performs

  • Morientes

No, no, no and No.

  • Anonymous

Oiii nah, the Mate 30 Porsche Design phone has just taken the crown for best designed smartphone of 2019, dont @ me

  • Anonymous

Nice to watch that the jack is there at the bottom of the Mate 30. Looks like it has four cameras with one being a ToF or something else. The Mate 30 Pro have other configuration in the fourth one. Maybe to the cinema feature? The Porsche design is really nice, if it have audio jack too it would be a temptation although I don't want to spend so much.

  • Zac

Looking good why not just use harmony Os with this phone

  • Popop971

I have to say that the Porsche Design version looks pretty dope o.o ...