Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro unveiled, have three 40MP cameras between them

19 September 2019
The Mate 30 Pro boasts a 40MP Super Sensing camera (wide) and a 40MP Movie camera (ultra wide).

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Love the Community, 19 Sep 2019Nah, it's nothing new. Mate 10 has a QHD screen while Mate 10 Pr... moreWoow the looser,s excuses. You mocked iphone xr and vanilla note 10 to have low resolution. But when its huawei there is no difference. Huawei fans are soooo toxics and confused!

  • geordie81

Shanti Dope, 19 Sep 2019I may be wrong (and it's fine to correct me) but I believe the n... moreit is possible to fit a 1" sensor into a phone, not as slim as they are nowadays but with a hump it is easily possible, panasonic made an android cameraphone about 5 or 6 years ago, it had a 1" sensor in it, they then followed up with another but all that was missing whas the call antennae so it wasnt classed as a phone but you could make internet calls on it, it looked like a super slim compact camera or a very fat phone, think it had dimensions like 18mm thickness, but that was about 6 years ago, the tech could easily be slimmed down a few mm over most of the phone and just the sensor could have the hump, it wouldnt be as bad as nokia 808 but along those lines

Huawei fans talking about innovation. So: where is innovation?

If only the Pro had a flat screen! :'(

Nice iPhone 11 roast on their launch event.

Also they make use of curved screen as button replacement.

  • Anonymous

It seems that they have removed the jack from the vanilla Mate 30. Well now looking elsewhere. Maybe i could to import a S10+ 5G from US as those are the only ones with FM Radio enable chip with underdisplay fingerprint sensor that have good cameras. The rest of the flagships this year doesn't have it : (, only the Lenovo Z6 Pro but its cameras and support aren't enough good for my taste.

But knowing that Samsung doesn't give warranty in Europe for imported phones, hmmmm again waiting for a proper flagship with audio jack, FM radio and underdisplay fingerprint sensor. Seems that no ones will release one this year here.

If I want my own perfect Huawei Mate 30, I have it with the body of the Mate 30 and the camera of the Mate 30 Pro. Sorry, but that Samsung Edge-like waterfall screen on the Pro doesn't really look beautiful.

Exyvia, 19 Sep 2019Most likely you can't put a 1 inch sensor in a phone unless you ... moreI may be wrong (and it's fine to correct me) but I believe the new 40MP 1/1.54" sensor of this Mate 30 Pro, at least based on this particular article, is merely a video-focused sensor, which apparently, coud've been done with just one 1" sensor.
I don't understand how one would lose the versatility of the camera setup when it's basically just one super large sensor along with 2 fairly large sensors.
And with the 1/1.54" sensor, we are now getting closer to the 1" mark, which means it is possible to have it on a smartphone and still keep the bump away.
Once we get one, we'll definitely know for sure.

johnpp, 19 Sep 2019when release?Never in Europe, USA, Australia and everywhere Google Services exists. Network operators WILL NOT BRING IT official. You will find it MAYBE only on the grey market.

Ok my 4G Mate20Pro is better than M30Pro!! Except for the 990 chipset and camera improvement there is nothing much to tout about!! Peace and happiness!!

when release?

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2019Mate Series always focused on new SoC while P Series is focused ... moreP series is focused on optics - okay.
Mate series is focused on new SoC - true, but added with productivity, multimedia consumption, and general smartphone usage.
Mate series are supposed to be the complete version of their counterpart P series devices, and so they should be in no way inferior to the P series.
Mate 30 Pro must've carried the P30 Pro's camera setup (especially the zoom) and either keep it the same or upgrade it to the next level and not downgrade it further.
While the dual 40MP 1/1.5" sensors is a major upgrade, it took a hit on the zoom capabilities, which, to be fair, is still much better than most other flagships, but nowhere near class-leading as the P30 Pro - that one literally reimagined what zooming with a smartphone should be.
Mate 30 Pro is expectedly going to build on the camera prowess of the P30 Pro and make it even better and also in other areas, but this year, I sadly don't think it is the case.
Mate 20 Pro last year still made more sense in comparison to the P20 Pro than the Mate 30 Pro compared to P30 Pro.

Huawei camera never been the best. Their AI make color tone inconsistent and look very fake.

acemang, 19 Sep 2019i guess you only care about numbers not the actual quality of th... morejust leave haters they are little naive boys anyway .. don't understand a thing .. only trolling on purpose..

  • Anonymous

Oppaii, 19 Sep 2019That ultra slow mo vid... I wonder how its quality will look like.The example with the bird was spectacular imo

so many hate comments. i have to remind myself that there are always haters and loyals. im neither, im not hating on this one. have not even had this phone yet to begin with. i prefer to have a hands on experience with the device first before blabbering about anything. otherwise i'd be lying.

Akaike, 19 Sep 2019BEAST! Note 10+ just died lolDied of laughter.

  • Anonymous

Akaike, 19 Sep 2019BEAST! Note 10+ just died lolNo, mate 30 doesn't have s pen. I need s pen

Kimih, 19 Sep 2019No 90hz screen, no qhd resolution, no 5x optical zoom. For God s... morei guess you only care about numbers not the actual quality of the product.
the zoom is 5x if you use the same metric than iphone uses (including wide angle lens).
it have better quality at 10x than note 10.
guess you didn't watched the presentation, just watched the numbers....
the huawei mate 30 pro is a beast in all fields. to sad it's too large for me and i hate curved glass, if not this was on my short list for sure.

BEAST! Note 10+ just died lol