Interview: Huawei CEO addresses Mate 30’s limitations following event

20 September 2019
In an interview with the press, Richard Yu talks about the lack of Google services, availability in Asia, and midrange devices with 5G.

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right always, 20 Sep 2019are u mad u mean apple is a chinese company...! lolAre you really believe that Apple,US company Made their own phone?I guess you never had one then. Err... No offense, but do u live in a cave?

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Elsewhere on the web now has instructions of how to post install Google Apps on the US banned devices incl the Google Play Store. But - if that workaround takes off will the US government then step in again and order Google to deny runtime support?

Nick Tagataka, 20 Sep 2019I feel like you're being way too negative towards this phon... moreYou might be impressed with the Mate 30 pro, but I'm not. It fails as an android phone, being without google apps and services, and it fails being high end with it's mid range screen.

Let's go over a few other points.

1. Cooling, yes the Mate 30 Pro features graphite cooling. Do you know who else? Redmi K20 Pro, it features a 8-layer graphite cooling solution. Let's wait for actual tests to see if the Kirin 990 is more than just a benchmark winner, but instead holds up in real world performance in games . . . outside of google play.

2. As for UI, like I said, it's all about preference, and I prefer MIUI.

3. Battery. Bigger battery does not always equal better performance, and neither device has a under powered battery on the face of things. Wireless charging is a + for most, but truth be told it does bring a lot of heat and is pretty much always slower than wired charging, as well as wired charging causing less heat.

4. "argument is invalid as the same logic could be applied to literally everything from RAM speed to graphics performance."
Faster storage does not give higher fps whilst gaming, unlike a faster GPU, nor does it mean that apps load faster from RAM, unlike faster/more RAM. It really does not make any noticeable difference with the small apps being started nor downloaded. On a PC with huge programs including advanced video editing software takes advantage of very fast storage.

5. yeah.

6. When someone steals a phone they power it off, factory reset it and sell it. Aside form that, 3D face unlock is in reality easier to unlock than fingerprint, even compared in display FP readers which can be fooled by a printed copy of a finger print. Taking and unlocking someones phone using faceID is easy. When companies, such as apple, call faceID secure, even more so than fingerprint, it's in the unlikely event that you come across someones phone and don't have the owner anywhere available. Unlike when you lift it of someone. If you currently use faceID, I would advise you to stop, it's not even a tiny bit secure. In real life the only thing it's more secure than is slide to unlock (with no pin or anything). With that said, if you're just another average Joe, no one is going to care, they'll just steal to sell. If you on the other hand is very wealthy, and well known to be so, then disable face unlock immediately is my advice :-)

7. That's how things normally work, but there's usually a relationship between added price and features, and the Mate 30 pro fails adding enough value compared to how much they are charging for this device which is almost guaranteed to flop outside of China.

Shui8, 20 Sep 2019To my observation, Xiaomi cheap for a reason. They nail it ... moreBad quality DAC?

"With super high volume and top marks for clarity, it properly aced the first part of the test."

Perhaps you mean the op amp for wired headphones for retro users?

I hope you do realize than when using wireless earphones/buds, which is the new norm, it's the DAC in those that does the digital to analogue conversion. They also include mic for talking handsfree, unless you're connected to you car's handsfree, then it will process the digital audio and record your voice as well.

Not IP rated, so what? Take a look at JerryRig's teardown video. It has all the ingredients of an IP rating, just not the added cost of the stamp. Not that such a stamp is worth anything at all, since warranty doesn't cover water damage anyways.

As for the display issue on some pocophone batches, keep in mind the issues Huawei Mate 20 had with gluegate one some of their batches, not to mention all of apple's gates rearding screen. But when a budget device also as a flaw then it's because if the price - indicating it was due to cheap materials? Laughable. Xiaomi has cheaper phones without this issue. The Redmi K20 pro has an entirely different panel anyways.

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019Another joke even iPhone XS Max beats mate 20 pro when it c... moreReally? Because all I see is a lot of noise, slightly washed out colors and lack of details on the picture taken by the iphone XS max.

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Punisher, 22 Sep 2019I just checked. Viber, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, snapc... moreYou cannot use this app without google services esp google maps. It will fail literally.

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I just checked. Viber, whatsapp, instagram, facebook, snapchat etc are already in Huawei app store. Plenty of games as well. For youtube it doesnt matter. You can still use it on browser. Browsers UC, firefox, opera. This doesnt hurt huawei at all. You have core apps already on their app store. This will be good in long run. I dont have use of google services at all. This will be good.

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Mate 30/pro is just testing ground for whats coming. Seing that the ban is real Huawei would not just sit there with arms crossed and wait. Huawei own OS is whats comming and making a sweet dealfor developers to jumo on the wagon it will doom Google in thr long run. I cant just imagine the p40 series. That will be something entirely redefined.

Shui8, 21 Sep 2019Well they both will has their own advantage. Details & ... moreIndeed. Personally I've preferred the iPhone for the color and the dynamic range, but DAMN does the Huawei Mate 30 series make me reorder my priorities.

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i dont find the absence of google services a deal breaker since you can download them later , its like my dell laptop wich came standard with ubuntu and i hade to install windows later , if the phone performs well ( camera , battery.....) i will always consider it , what is keeping me from getting this one is the price tag

Walter C. Dornez, 21 Sep 2019Yep, and I cannot wait to see those two battle it out. Who ... moreWell they both will has their own advantage. Details & quality will always on Huawei side, because of the bigger sensor, dynamic range & natural color reproduction on Iphone side. And as i love photography with cinematic filmic effects, Huawei Leica color science is for me. Its identical as my actual Leica camera. Its not natural, but not far from it, kind of like from that Ricoh, Fujifilm & Leica camera colors.

Whats more interesting is videography & low light comparison, as both Huawei & Iphone has step up their game to the next level, for that i have no answer lol, great camera review is needed ASAP.

Shui8, 21 Sep 2019Actually new Iphone 11 camera improve a lot. That seamless ... moreYep, and I cannot wait to see those two battle it out. Who do you think will win?

Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019iphones 11 camera is a toy compared to this bro Actually new Iphone 11 camera improve a lot. That seamless transition between 3 lens is exceptional, with great image quality now.

Of course Mate 30 Pro camera is a beast as well.

Galaxy Note 10 Pro, 20 Sep 2019So what! Price matters! My son using LetV Le 1s (bought for... moreFor the price, i didnt say K20 Pro is a bad thing at all. All i said was its cheaper for a reason. U get what u paid for.

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Anonymous, 21 Sep 2019iphones 11 camera is a toy compared to this bro Another joke even iPhone XS Max beats mate 20 pro when it comes to camera performance lol.

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I have both a huawei p8 max and a honor note 8 and i am happy to use both devices owing to great flexibility in customisation like themes,icon packs and problem

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Walter C. Dornez, 20 Sep 2019I hope it is. The new iPhone is pretty good, so if the Mate... moreiphones 11 camera is a toy compared to this bro

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That's not the only limitation. Sales would be better if certain corners were not cut while still charging 1k plus.

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right always, 20 Sep 2019are u mad u mean apple is a chinese company...! lolDon’t blame home some android doesn’t know shit about phones they doesn’t know even about there android phones are assembled in other countries like Samsung galaxy and note that assembled in Vietnam Lol.

Shui8, 20 Sep 2019To my observation, Xiaomi cheap for a reason. They nail it ... moreSo what! Price matters! My son using LetV Le 1s (bought for $200) for the past four years, he is very happy not willing to replace it.... people don't care many things when they are given at a price....(except SAR ratings though)....