Interview: Huawei CEO addresses Mate 30ís limitations following event

20 September 2019
In an interview with the press, Richard Yu talks about the lack of Google services, availability in Asia, and midrange devices with 5G.

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  • Anonymous

I think Google has also done a few things that have help helped Huawei.
I wonder if app gallery will be scanning for malware

  • Anonymous

Should just let Devs keep 95% to boost the platform, competing against Google's market share will be very hard without an extra big advantage in pricing

  • gti

Why does this bozo needs 20 passports, something to hide?

  • ki

This guy have serious limitation not technology he is pathetically irrelevant

  • aura

hope the mate 30 pro will offer 512gb just like p30 pro

Nick Tagataka, 20 Sep 2019I feel like you're being way too negative towards this phone. Ye... moreTo my observation, Xiaomi cheap for a reason. They nail it on the consumer 'seen' parts, but reduce quality on the 'unseen' parts.

K20 Pro - very very bad built-in mic, bad front camera quality, no ip rating, bad quality DAC, less certification than the more pricier phone. Sure the price is spot on, but be prepare for the risk taken. (Previous Poco F1 popular for the screen bleeding cheap LCD panel)

  • handyman

I can confirm that Huawei has been making some very solid phones as I have used some of the high end models. Also Huawei does a lot of innovation usually being one to two years ahead of the crowd. I hope things will sort themselves out in a positive way in the future.

CommonSense, 20 Sep 2019Meanwhile your almighty iPhone Made by Chinese company tooare u mad u mean apple is a chinese company...! lol

Well there arent much phones out yet which scored over 500k this will be like one of four in existence along with ROG 2, Blackshark 3 and Nubia Red Magic 3.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Have you noticed that oneplus and xiaomi aren't banned in US.US did not banned Chinese cellphone except Huawei and Honor. Everybody knew already. OnePlus entered US and worked with US carrier (T-Mobile and Sprint), has all US 4G LTE band.
Some retailer sell Xiaomi cellphone in the US, but it only has a limited US 4G LTE band. Only Mimix series better than the rest of Xiaomi/Redmi product.

  • .alpha

If only they made the screen bigger and flat like on Mate 30 X. Would totally get it

  • Lancewood

Strazzi, 20 Sep 2019Yes and the quollity off apps in 3th party stores sucks. Thats what you think. Whats your country population? 50mils? AAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Puny country.

Marco M, 20 Sep 2019Let's see. They both have about the same screen size and reso... moreI feel like you're being way too negative towards this phone. Yes the current situation around Huawei is really confusing, the waterfall display is stupid and so is the lack of 90Hz refresh rate, but other than those it's really a solid device and nothing comparable to K20 Pro.

1. Cooling: It seems that Huawei put a lot of effort on cooling and their own testing says that Mate 30 Pro runs significantly cooler than Galaxy Note 10+, which is already a pretty good phone when it comes to thermal management. Of course, third parties need to confirm this claim(e.g. Anandtech) as a company can say anything about their own products, but looking at excellent cooling performance of Honor View 20 and Mate 20 X, it's definitely promising. Also: P30 Pro throttled a lot not because it gets hot, but it's rather due to a very aggressive temperature management which tries to keep the body as cool as possible even when it's under load.

2. UI: Nobody has used the stable version of EMUI 10 so obviously you can't call out the winner here. As for the lack of GMS, you mentioned it separately so it's better to assume that it's a tie.

3. Charging: Mate 30 Pro has bigger battery, faster wired charging(Included 40W charger vs Included 18W charger and optional 27W charger), ultra fast 27W wireless charging and it even comes with an ability to charges accessaries wirelessly in a reverse direction. But hey let's call it a "SLIGHT" win for Huawei because why not ;)

4. Expandable Storage: The proprietary NM Card is some really random BS by Huawei, but it's still a significant advantage over the complete lack of expandable storage. Mate 30 series also comes with UFS 3.0 storage and uses EROFS file system for further improved random read speed. Here, "It's slower but you can't notice any difference in day to day usage anyway" argument is invalid as the same logic could be applied to literally everything from RAM speed to graphics performance.

5. Google Play Services: This is where you actually make a valid point here, as the future between Google and Huawei is very uncertain right now and Huawei may or may not find a workaround for installing GMS framework. Apparently Huawei will allow BL unlock on Mate 30 series, but for most people the lack of proper Google App support is a definite con.

6. Privacy: Remember, just because US attacks Huawei and ZTE specifically that doesn't make phones from other Chinese companies more secure than those two. But if you purely look at the device features alone, K20 Pro has a retractable front facing camera which is nice, but Mate 30 Pro comes with 3D facial unlock system which is comparable to iPhone's Face ID in accuracy, on top of the in-screen FPS. No offence for K20 Pro but I give Mate a win here.

7.Camera: You're paying an extra for OVERALL better quality as a product, not just a camera, so again your argument is invalid here. And it's not like buying a dedicated camera is a good idea for 95% of people around the world who take photos anywhere anytime and instantly upload them to SNS to speak with. Just compare the cameras on both phones, and then... honestly there's nothing to compare. More expensive phones almost always take down cheaper ones in this category.

8. Other features: NFC, IP68, IR blaster, you name it.

  • Bailey

Wojtek , 20 Sep 2019f* Google. all devices should come without they crappy services! it's not actually Googles fault

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Guys all Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, chrome will work... moreThat is a lie.
I tried going Google-free on my Samsung last year. Most of the apps I use doesn't work with side loading. Streaming services and such.
The next problem is, you're forced to download apps from shady pages, which are likely to include spyware and other nastiness. Something non-Huawei phone owners usually don't like.

  • Anonymous

Question is if a sideloaded sanctioned app will work and if the same functionality is available just using a browser. Or if sanctions include blocking runtime support from the backend in either case. If not then users can just install the Google services or at least the Google Playstore from Huaweis App Gallery? Well, Trump won't last forever.

  • Anonymous

Zion45, 20 Sep 2019Didn't they say they have their Harmony Os ready,i knew they wer... moreThanks so much I love your comment. I love huawei devices but seriously let's face the fact, this is bad news for huawei, and the price on this device is not helping either

Wojtek , 20 Sep 2019f* Google. all devices should come without they crappy services! True much of the apps offered by google don't cater to asian market, when I buy a phone, I uninstall 90% of google apps preloaded and use the OEM or third party apps of my choosing.

  • Sathish

Dear Huawei,
You allowed 85% app revenue to developers, Okay. But what did you offer to buyers (by pricing it above 800 euros)?
Yes, I know it is obvious reason (from US) not to ship with Google play services. But this wont go well with markets other than China, not even the Asian and Eastern markets you hoping for..

123, 20 Sep 2019you do realise k20pro and mate30pro are like day and night both... moreLet's see.

They both have about the same screen size and resolution (PPI) on their OLED panels. Just that Hauwei destroys their own panel by curving it and placing a giant notch on it in their attempt to improve screen to body ratio. No distorted videos with blacked out areas for me.

So a very clear win for the Redmi there. Which is shocking as screen resolution tends to be the obvious factor bumping up the price on flagships.

They both have flagship grade chipsets, but the Huawei will win in benchmark test, though Kirin throttles a lot compared to it's peak performance in benchmarks during sustained load. . . Not that it matters much, the both pack plenty of power and complete overkill for most users.

EMUI vs MIUI is about preference and I by far prefer MIUI, and so it seems google does, seeing as how the new android got so many MIUI features :-)

Another win for the Redmi.

They both have big batteries, and fast charging, Huawei's is slightly bigger and faster to charge, but no battery performance available yet, so no way to call it definitively as of now. But let's call it a slight win for the Huawei, also helped by its wireless charging for practicality.

The Huawei has expandable storage, but cancels it out a bit by not offering microSD, but instead some proprietary nonsense. It also has faster storage, but since when did people start physically connecting their phones to computers for file transfers again? Internet download speeds will bottleneck those apps being downloaded anyways.

It's still a win for the Huawei, but not really one any will notice.

Google Play Store and services. The Redmi has them, the Huawei doesn't. Epic fail for the Huawei, massive victory for the Redmi. This, unlike the storage options above, will not go unnoticed.

Privacy. Well, Huawei is suspected for this and that, as well as having front facing camera etc always visible for someone to spy on you. The front facing camera on the Redmi is hidden when not in use,

Privacy win for the Redmi.

The only noticeable area where the Huawei will likely be stronger is in the camera dept., but for the price difference one can buy a mirrorless camera, or high end compact that will blow both out of the water. That and their offering of NFC, whough that is available on some versions of the Redmi. . .

Truth be told a device costing three times more should walk completely over the budget option, but it just doesn't. Not to mention that Xiaomi will have their Mi Mix 4 coming out soon, likely to still cost half of the Mate 30 pro. It will have some of the missing bonus features of the Redmi such as wireless charging, NFC in all regions and better cameras.

Last years Mi Mix 3 and P30 pro had similar overall camera performance and the Mix's selfie was significantly better. The Xiaomis are and will also actually be available in Europe and come with Google Android. I'm just crossing my fingers that Xiaomi keeps the screen on the Mix 4 flat, no curved nonsense, and still free from ugly notches.

It's not easy to see what justifies the Mate 30 pros high price, not even something as basic as QHD resolution