Interview: Huawei CEO addresses Mate 30’s limitations following event

20 September 2019
In an interview with the press, Richard Yu talks about the lack of Google services, availability in Asia, and midrange devices with 5G.

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Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Guys all Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, chrome will... more1. We are talking about Mate30 Pro, not P30 Pro
2. Half of the sideloaded apps won't work
3. You have to update them manually

= Regular user won't bother.

  • Holger

Lead2XL, 20 Sep 2019I am a Xiaomi fan boy, much better value for money than Hua... moreXiaomi is a chinese company as well - who knows whos next on the list...ZTE was it before Huawei, who‘s next? So enjoy your devices as long as you can...

  • 123

Lead2XL, 20 Sep 2019I am a Xiaomi fan boy, much better value for money than Hua... moreyou do realise k20pro and mate30pro are like day and night
both functional, hardware, software, build quality, unique features(of which k20pro almost lacks)

Worth the trouble, I have seen on YouTube that 7.7k slo mo, seen also how great is super wide one, but most importantly, it killed new iphone and galaxy note with its quality, 10mp vs 12mp, but still more detail, no noise and denoise blur like in others.

  • Anonymous

Guys all Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, chrome will work on Huawei p30 pro all u need to do is download the apk on internet. The no play services means the phone will not come pre-installed with those apps which I mentioned above but can be downloaded on your own or from other 3rd party app store

  • DaJoRo

Check out the open source apps that can directly download from the Playstore - you can check the source code if you want .. Yalp Store etc.

Agree some apps require Google Services .. but I have been running a phone for a while without and it is suprising what will actually work with no modifications.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019The thing is Samsung and LG product are not as good as Huaw... moreMan i am eeling phones for eu operator and i can tell you this is old story. No lag from s8, s9 or s10, same with note series. First LG has quolity isues. 50% of them go to service in first year, and second Samsung is beter in every way form Huawei excepte in camera department and even there is a litle diference. Samsung is only still inovateing all others just coppy them. Look at the desines... Back panels are curved (first Note5) screens are curved (first in note 4 edge) and i can go on and on. Half of mobile world copy them...

  • Wojtek

f* Google. all devices should come without they crappy services!

RejZoR, 20 Sep 2019If major developers officially release apps on their App St... moreYes and the quollity off apps in 3th party stores sucks.

I am a Xiaomi fan boy, much better value for money than Huawei's high end phones and good enough for my needs. Using the Pocophone now, highly recommend it, but just ordered the Xiaomi Mi 9 T Pro (Redmi K 20 Pro).

MarkoBarko77, 20 Sep 2019No need for games. I am an adult and need thr phone for wor... moreAllso alot of apps wont work without google services and if all you need phone for is what you toled, then you can have 20 year old nokia. No need for 1100Eur "smart"phone...

Yes, you can sideload apps, but a handful of them still won´t work. Your bank app won´t be there etc. And have fun with updating all those sideloaded apps manually. What will the regular customer do? Buy 1100 dollar phone without google apps and having to bother with it or buy another 1100 dollar phone with google apps and be done with it? The answer is obvious.

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Why isn't the EU helping Huawei. Because they can't make mo... moreNoup. In brusel they had meeting 6-7 years ago in Nato, abouth huawei and they warned EU countrys abouth Huawei spying, and that was before Trump and US ban on Huawei soo...

Isaac tech guy, 20 Sep 2019Guys all Google apps like YouTube, Google maps, chrome will... moreNot true. Apps from internet are not secured, not updated automaticly and alot of google apps need freimworks to full work...

  • Anonymous

This is really positive. To provide users with a CHOICE as to whether they use Google services (and consequent privacy invasion) or not. It is excellent to have a vanilla Android device, OEM supported where you can actually make that decision yourself instead of Google's lawyers forcing OEM to load Google services.

There are plenty of apps that can load apps from the Playstore so that is not an issue. The lack of Google's proprietary services may hurt for a while until software developers adopt Huawei's services (which are open source unlike Googles).

Can't wait to get my hands on one of these phones .. beats custom ROM to me if my choice is Android.
China is throttling 4G to make way for 5G.
Unsound business ethics and suspicion of contract violation aside, the reason for pushing NSA 5G right this moment, even when transition to SA 5G will begin ~2022(which will completely replace NSA, not build upon, requiring another significant wave of spendings) before NSA even achieves widespread coverage, and at the cost of antagonizing 4G users, is for:
1. Bragging rights, creating a new arms race.
2. Boost of the economy by increasing public spending.
3. Infusion to Huawei under the trade war--apart from a small portion of the market handed to Ericsson, Huawei is fed tens of billions from sales of short-lived NSA 5G hardware, and is best positioned to gain again in 3 years transitioning to SA 5G.

This does not make business sense to the carriers, one of the reasons NSA 5G will only reach relatively little coverage--carrier enthusiasm is low, they're only fulfilling a political duty.

  • Raky

Z, 20 Sep 2019Maybe it's not a bad thing moving away from Google Services... moreActually, since beginning of this trade war, I was wondering why all Chinese OEMs don't make one OS of their own and personalize it everyone for them self, as they do with Android...why would the keep waiting who is nex after ZTE and Huawei.
I mean, if everything in China is under communist party as western media is trying to suggest, it is only one command that needs to be followed!!!
So, if they would do that....they would have really big market, possibly it would be used in India, Malaysia, Thailand...with China, it's more than half of world's population...and after a while, whole world would get 3rd OS option.
And we really need is enough with Apple-Google duopoly.

Just, question they not have someone smart enough to think about so easy ideas, or communist party are not that powerful to decide about everything!?

People should realize that half of the internet use google services, alot of companies use google services, so Huawei is not god for business use, was always bad with security and leeks, now it will be just worse. You can blindley look away but this is fact. You install apps from internet, bu every update to this apps will have to be made manual, etc. So this is just ignorance....

  • Raky

r33fd, 20 Sep 2019The main problem I see with this is price. I don't know ... moreSame here.
I was pretty sure that I will buy it (I really don't need anything from Google on my phone, or in my home for that matter) but when compared to Oneplus device (also imported from China, without Google with HydrogenOS), this is hard to sell.
Great device, but 400-500€ more for sam memory configuration (and base 128GB is just not enough).

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019All these people saying it's a good thing there will be no ... moreloooool exactly