Interview: Huawei CEO addresses Mate 30ís limitations following event

20 September 2019
In an interview with the press, Richard Yu talks about the lack of Google services, availability in Asia, and midrange devices with 5G.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019All these people saying it's a good thing there will be no googl... moreThe thing is Samsung and LG product are not as good as Huawei.
Especially Samsung, i was a stan for Samsung for 8 years. Almost every notes or galaxy devices i have all become super laggy after around one year old.
Huawei does not give me this problem at all.
So whether Samsung or LG continue to use Google services or not is already irrelevant.

  • Anonymous

All these people saying it's a good thing there will be no google play services on the Mate 30, that they still going to buy the device regardless and it's going to backfire on America?

Well say this was happening to Samsung or LG how many of you will be saying the same thing?? Not much thats a gurantee.

Guess you gotta support your beloved Huawei and be blind fanboys at the same time.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 20 Sep 201995% they still need some to keep the store running... Fair enough ...
But I think their store is being supported by their Chinese users already.

Needs must. Hauwei needs more apps in their store. 100% for the first, say 2 years, is not unreasonable.

Strategically, Huawei is naive.

  • pajson89

cant wait to try this phone , nothing gonna stop people to buy this phone .

Unpopular opinion: Lack of Google Play on Huawei phones is a very good thing.

Huawei is really popular, and maybe with the new Mate series, they can popularize their own app store too. Having a single app store (Google Play) monopolize the whole Android platform is a really bad thing, sice they have so much power to dictatate their terms to app developers, and app developers have nowhere else to go. Popularizing alternative app stores would create competition, and competition is always better than a monopoly.

Maame Raggae, 20 Sep 2019AliExpress sellers will be installing Google apps before shippin... moreI have very bad experience with such mobiles from China LetV Le Max where you need special ROM for international editions, very unreliable(hardware wise it was good but service, support, software was all by yourself, not cheap either) and eventually broke up.... Huawei seems to be moving in that direction unless they create their own ecosystem!!

  • Z

Maybe it's not a bad thing moving away from Google Services. Huawei may prompt others to adopt alternative. Trumps stupidity and political games will cost the American economy.

alcalde, 20 Sep 2019"And why you trust google so much?Which news do you ever heard, ... moreI also keep hearing google got sued by eu for privacy, antitrust etc. European got GDPR so their data MAYbe safe, dunno. while others will get profiled for ads. Have you ever got offered Viagr@ DOUBLE STRENGHT SLOW RELEASE in amazon after browsing P0rnHub?

Ifenuha, 20 Sep 2019Hopefully it doesn't require play services but the majority of t... moredid they announced that about 45000 apps on the appgallery already has huawei mobile services (hms) core? isnt that and equivalent to google play services? i dunno.

This phone has 4 cameras - is it a phone or a camera or both? its emphasis is tilting towards a camera I think.

Adul Al Salami Kebab, 20 Sep 2019But Fortnite is on the Huawei app-store... x-xHopefully it doesn't require play services but the majority of top rated games require Google services... Even if it's on Huawei app store and doesn't have play see3, still won't work.. Lol

If major developers officially release apps on their App Store and the rest is sideloaded from 3rd party app stores, they can pull it off. Huawei has a big enough market share to actually pull this off. Biggest issue with 3rd party app stores is the control as you cannot ever be sure app offered there hasn't been modified since they are usually uploaded by users.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

abigfanoftechs, 20 Sep 201985% only? Why not give devs 100% of their revenue, after all Hu... more95% they still need some to keep the store running...

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019"Customers will still buy the phones without Google services bec... moreSo you're saying there are no other garages/shops that can sell wheels for Ferrari?
LOL ...

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019Why isn't the EU helping Huawei. Because they can't make money f... moreYes they could, simply fine Google for anti-competitive practices. Then Google can sue the US govt for lost profits and we the consumers will win! :D

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Ifenuha, 20 Sep 2019How can you say no need for games.. Perhaps for u but u must kn... moreBut Fortnite is on the Huawei app-store... x-x

85% only?
Why not give devs 100% of their revenue, after all Huawei needs devs and not the other way around.

Huawei isn't very smart when it comes to strategic thinking.

  • Adul Al Salami Kebab

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2019huawei is dead outside asia.. nobody will care for the shitty ha... moreLess Google crapware the better, I remove 90% of them anyway and the 10% left I cannot remove without breaking the phone... x-x

It's strange that from the US-China war, Europe suffers the most...
Europe must develop a free OS too, smth independent of the US corporate interests, we would never got in this place, should it be an option...

  • Anonymous

huawei is dead outside asia.. nobody will care for the shitty harmony os lol....